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The Archive

Each page doesn’t have its own page-specific title like “Anne shares a secret” or “Oh no he didn’t!”; I think the idea is kinda ridiculous as it puts too much emphasis on the individuality of each page versus treating each page as part of the whole story. I mean if you’re gonna give titles to each page, why not give titles to each frame while you’re at it?

…But I’m still forced to give each page a title, so it’ll u-sually just the first line of the first person speaking on the page. The title of the first page of a particular chapter, however, will actually just tell you what chapter you’ve started.

Speaking of Chapters, you can go to the start of a particular chapter here:

  • (Book three was never completed, and likely never will never be, at least in its original form.)
    • BOOK VR: Chapter Emo — Chapter Anne — Chapter Shea — Chapter Betty — Chapter Avery
  • (This is part of the new Moose River project. Details and chapter formats are to be determined.)


April 1|Moose River 2023
March 31|Brown-bagging on the Steps
March 30|Anonamour Streams – Thanks for 50k Subs!
March 29|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Setting Love Free
March 28|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Durochat’s Not-Weird Advice
March 27|Shea’s Hero – Self-doubt (Part 3/5)
March 26|Shea’s Hero – 4chan/soc/’s option on chubby girls (Part 2/5)
March 25|Shea’s Hero – Reflections on the last fifteen years (Part 1/5)
March 24|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Ezra & Emo first meet (Part 3/3)
March 23|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Ezra & Emo first meet (Part 2/3)
March 22|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Ezra & Emo first meet (Part 1/3)
March 21|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Browsing Social Media…
March 20|Emo Discovers AI Chat – Claire’s getting married
March 19|Moose River – Emo Discovers AI Chat – Cast of Characters


August 22|Moose River Gaiden – 6 – Fake Tears
August 3|Neon Genesis Moose River [Sketch]
August 1|Puppy Love [Sketch]
July 24|3D Test Number 2 [Sketch]
July 23|Moose River’s Night Out [Sketch]
July 22|Moose River Gaiden – 5 – I knew that
July 16|3D Test Number 1 [Sketch]
July 13|Moose River Gaiden – 4 – The Opposite Sex
July 12|xxxGothgrrl666xxx + Megumanne [Sketch]
July 11|Moose River Gaiden – 3 – Smokin’ Pot In Every Room
July 9|Moose River Gaiden – 2 – Tobacco
July 8|Another night alone [Sketch]
July 7|Moose River Gaiden – 1 – Acid
July 6|Moose River Gaiden [Preview]
July 5|Dating Requests [Sketch]
July 4|The Fourth of July [Sketch]
July 3|Anne’s Story [MRVR Notes]
July 2|Lunch Break [Sketch]
July 1|Shea’s Story [MRVR Notes]
June 30|Playboy Bunnies [Sketch]
June 29|Echoes of Claire (Emo’s Story) [Sketch]
June 28|Emo’s Story [MRVR Notes]
June 27|Promo for Moose River VR [Sketch]





November 21|Chapter 7 Notes
March 27|Bluhh
March 23|I’m so sorry it took


December 27|RING RING RING
October 26|Thanks again for telling
October 20|It was nice
October 17|Mmm…
October 15|F**K YOU THAD!
October 13|Excuse me for a
October 10|♫ …And to this end… ♫
October 8|Alrighty, this is
September 26|But even though I hella wanted cock, as I was laying in
September 24|Yeah, but like… I’m finally over that
September 22|OK So I get this email from Brian about what’s
September 19|So Thad, do you
September 17|What a
September 15|I knew it was
September 12|GET THA FUKK OUT!
September 10|Oh hey Thad. You’re
September 8|I really like the
September 5|And then my friend Thad
September 3|So other than work, how do you know each other?
September 1|Ah Claire,
August 22|So are you
August 15|God damn it, I haven’t
August 8|Yah… Anyways, I
August 4|So hey Jean, need a ride?
July 18|The worst thing about jopes
July 14|I’ve Been Living
June 13|Huh well you got me
June 9|Sigh… I really hate the waiting game.
June 6|Sounds about right.
May 30|Ahhh… but
May 12|Skag
May 9|Start of Chapter Six (KOFF)
April 28|Well I won’t keep
April 25|Three!
April 19|Jorge, I just broke up with Lance
April 14|…yeah,
March 28|Man I just
March 26|Oh my God Thad! It’s about time you showed up to one
March 24|GET OFFA ME!
March 21|Brian…
March 7|So how’d things
March 3|C’mon, I got this s**t
February 29|God what was going
February 25|Yeah people are
February 22|So who’re you supposed to be?
February 18|Hey Anne,
February 15|I mean, you’re always raggin’ on people…
February 11|Yeah, being around a bunch of drunk-stoned-coked
February 8|…Emo will start getting weepy
February 4|Yeah huh… I dunno. I’m still scared.
February 2|So Shea, what’re you supposed to be?
February 1|Did you hear what happened to Emo?
January 28|God no.
January 25|chomp
January 21|Boy, I was wondering
January 18|As soon as I found out that it
January 14|I wasn’t able to
January 11|Yes it did. Now


November 9|Trick or
November 3|Oh yeah. Uhm
October 29|Nice costume,
October 14|Mom? Are
October 5|Anne, let your mother out
September 21|You Did
September 17|Hi Mom.
September 7|Start of Chapter 5
September 3|I was being a
August 20|Naw bro… only psycho bitches get
August 17|Nope, no s**tting.
July 19|Mannn….
July 17|So where’re
July 15|Is the store
July 12|C’mon man… I don’t wanna
July 10|Here, check
July 8|So anyways, I’m gonna have a big ass Halloween
July 5|Just talk to chicks…
July 1|…and your total
June 30|Feeling
June 27|Ohh Gawd…
June 24|Yeah but, y’know,
June 22|It’s great how
June 16|fffff
June 15|Here, lemme see
June 14|huff
June 12|Let’s have some fun,
June 10|.hella.hot.
June 5|sigh
May 31|Oh man,
May 10|Last time I saw Carolyn, she was work-
May 6|OK, it’s
March 13|Richard! Jane!
March 7|Anne? Get ready!


October 16|Plus his other friend was dumb and
October 14|So yeah…
October 10|Well, he…
October 8|Oh, hiya Navy.
October 2|Start of Chapter 4
September 26|Then like, back in January… he posted
September 23|I’ll admit that
September 20|…all he said to me was
September 17|¿dnppɐɥʍ
September 13|They probably don’t know we’re
September 6|I don’t really
September 4|Brian also called
August 30|Eh, lame.
July 27|Last night Emo gave me those
July 25|Well I got to thinking
July 20|I once had
July 18|Dude… when you live in Lodi, did you
July 13|So… d’you just
July 11|Bleck!
June 29|The Haircut Shop
June 27|Hey Teresa…
June 25|Here you go,
June 22|Fancy meeting
June 20|But I’m not trippin’ on
June 18|…by showing up to Dan’s party… it’s
June 17|So… how
June 5|Cafémon
May 31|Waffles…
May 29|Z
May 19|OK… your total is
May 16|So whoth
May 12|We certainly have plenty
May 8|Uhm…
May 5|Oh…
May 4|C’mon, it’ll be
May 3|But we were just there yesterday…
April 29|Am I still
April 27|Start of Chapter 3
April 25|Do you have a
April 21|Tuolumne County
April 18|Hmmm…
April 15|I dunno…
April 13|HAHA!! Made you
April 11|Hey Emo…
April 5|Uh… sure.
April 3|DING DONG!
March 30|I mean, if he doesn’t like you in the same
March 29|Yeah but, I’m in love
March 28|You two can just leave all
March 27|Stop it!
March 21|Weird…
March 18|Really?
March 17|What?
March 14|Well… I’m
January 17|So I was cleaning out my room a couple
January 15|$$
January 14|Oh my God…
January 12|Anyways… there was this one time
January 10|Anyways
January 8|One day though, she moved out. She
January 7|Huh.
January 5|I guess it finally bought the
January 3|They did


December 29|A goth girl working at a pet
December 27|You ARE Mr. Whiskers!
December 22|When I was 10, Mr. Whiskers
December 20|And in no time…
December 18|Cough
December 8|Hmm… I think it’s more
December 6|I mean, remember how uptight you were
December 4|And then whenever I bring a boy over…
December 1|And just like that,
November 29|Why did he replace me? Is it just
November 27|It was nice to see you too, Beatrice.
November 24|Start of Chapter 2
November 20|Guest Comic by Vlad Damien (2)
November 17|Guest Comic by Vlad Damien (1)
November 15|Yeah uh… that’s Jason. We
November 10|I think there might be
November 8|Please be online…
November 6|I still care for your mother
November 5|Grumble
November 3|Man, f**k you mom! You f**king
November 1|So… what do you think of
October 31|DUDE your friend is
October 27|OK, just find
October 25|…twelve times.
October 23|So where’s your
October 18|Don’t drink
October 16|So there’s a “Red’s Mart”
October 13|Moose River was founded in 1851 by
October 11|R..Really?
October 9|That’s coo’. My
October 2|Grr… sorry about
September 29|Well anyways… let’s get you kids
September 27|Hi Mom.
September 25|Why hello young lady!
September 22|Dang, I’ve always wanted to
September 20|What pictures?
September 18|Hmmm.
September 17|Passengers from Lodi are
September 16|Attention passengers…
September 14|Are you sure it’s not
September 13|That’s a funny shirt….!
September 12|You know, they should make
September 11|Gee…. thanks.
September 8|Arrivals
September 6|Smiles are around EVERY corner!
September 4|Welcome to Moose River!
August 21|#000
April 23|OUTTAKE – Wait, when did I get these cherry flavored condoms?
April 22|OUTTAKE – You look ridiculous.
April 21|OUTTAKE – It’s OK Anne…
April 20|OUTTAKE – C’mon, it wasn’t THAT bad.
April 19|OUTTAKE – Hey Shea, I feel kinda sick right now…
April 18|OUTTAKE – …Alright fine.
April 17|OUTTAKE – Then you’ve got your flippy cup people…
April 16|OUTTAKE – Why not? It’s a Dan party!
April 14|OUTTAKE – Maybe we should stop by Red’s Diner?
April 13|OUTTAKE – Navy Rant 2
April 12|OUTTAKE – Navy Rant 1
April 11|OUTTAKE – Done scraping resin
April 10|OUTTAKE – Hey baby. Did you get the…
April 9|OUTTAKE – Then we can smoke with my new boyfriend
April 8|OUTTAKE – Green’s Drugs
April 7|OUTTAKE – Take this you–MAGIC CANCELED
April 6|OUTTAKE – We’ll take nothing!
April 5|OUTTAKE – lol bai fags
April 4|OUTTAKE – OK you twats, here’s the deal.
April 3|OUTTAKE – Motherf**ker.
April 2|OUTTAKE – I think they first met online
April 1|OUTTAKE – Y’know, speaking of Navy
March 2|ムース川の日本 – TO BE CONTINUE!!!!!!!
March 1|ムース川の日本 – Slot Loading
February 27|ムース川の日本 – DIY Robotics
February 23|ムース川の日本 – Next Gen Graphix
February 22|ムース川の日本 – ITT pantsu
February 20|ムース川の日本 – iWant iMac
February 17|ムース川の日本 – The Hurting Lady
February 16|ムース川の日本 – A Warrior’s Destiny
February 15|ムース川の日本 – Censored/Sen-Enters!
February 14|ムース川の日本 – Stop… Hammer Space!
February 13|ムース川の日本 – Respect Da Game
February 10|ムース川の日本 – Intro
February 9|ムース川の日本 – Cover


October 3|Moose River Regular — 33
October 2|Moose River Regular — 32
October 1|Moose River Regular — 31
September 30|Moose River Regular — 30
September 29|Moose River Regular — 29
September 28|Moose River Regular — 28
September 27|Moose River Regular — 27
September 26|Moose River Regular — 26
September 25|Moose River Regular — 25
September 24|Moose River Regular — 24
September 23|Moose River Regular — 23
September 22|Moose River Regular — 22
September 21|Moose River Regular — 21
September 20|Moose River Regular — 20
September 19|Moose River Regular — 19
September 18|Moose River Regular — 18
September 17|Moose River Regular — 17
September 16|Moose River Regular – [16] Online with xxgothgrrl666xx
September 15|Moose River Regular – [15] When Avery met Annie
September 14|Moose River Regular – [14] He fell and broke his neck
September 13|Moose River Regular – [13] Shea’s reality
September 12|Moose River Regular – [12] So where’d you find her?
September 11|Moose River Regular – [11] The devil made me do it
September 10|Moose River Regular – [10] Shea Marerra
September 9|Moose River Regular – [09] Forbidden love atop Forbidden Mountain
September 8|Moose River Regular – [08] Bad luck cat
September 7|Moose River Regular – [07] Mr. Whiskers
September 6|Moose River Regular – [06] New life to old stuff
September 5|Moose River Regular – [05] Apartment 201
September 4|Moose River Regular – [04] Tracy Marsella
September 3|Moose River Regular – [03] Richard McCallister
September 2|Moose River Regular – [02] Everyone knows everyone
September 1|Moose River Regular – [01] The Ballad of Theodore Cook
June 3|Moose River Deluxe – Tran Wong
June 2|Moose River Deluxe – Pricilla Arnot
June 1|Moose River Deluxe – Marcie Bordeux (2)
May 31|Moose River Deluxe – Marcie Bordeux
May 30|Moose River Deluxe – Fred Jackson
May 29|Moose River Deluxe – Shawn Jones
May 28|Moose River Deluxe – Rachael Torres
May 27|Moose River Deluxe – Angela Torres
May 26|Moose River Deluxe – Cleopatra Alice
May 25|Moose River Deluxe – Owen Sherwood
May 24|Moose River Deluxe – Jeannette Calloway
May 23|Moose River Deluxe – Nichole London
May 22|Moose River Deluxe – Teresa Reynolds
May 21|Moose River Deluxe – George Wilkins
May 20|Moose River Deluxe – Jeffery Stamos
May 19|Moose River Deluxe – The Dungeons And Dragons Club (3)
May 18|Moose River Deluxe – The Dungeons And Dragons Club (2)
May 17|Moose River Deluxe – The Dungeons And Dragons Club
May 16|Moose River Deluxe – Michael Rollands
May 15|Moose River Deluxe – Timothy Truman
May 14|Moose River Deluxe – David Elijah
May 13|Moose River Deluxe – Frank Williams (2)
May 12|Moose River Deluxe – Frank Williams
May 11|Moose River Deluxe – Jimmy Wanker and Marie Angeles
May 10|Moose River Deluxe – Richie Kopinski (2)
May 9|Moose River Deluxe – Richie Kopinski
May 8|Moose River Deluxe – Octavia Gremillion
May 7|Moose River Deluxe – Roxanne Johnson
May 6|Moose River Deluxe – Betty Wilson (2)
May 5|Moose River Deluxe – Betty Wilson
May 4|Moose River Deluxe – Bob Thomas (3)
May 3|Moose River Deluxe – Bob Thomas (2)
May 2|Moose River Deluxe – Bob Thomas
May 1|Moose River Deluxe – Cover

Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

From the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of this page): thank you very much for reading my comics.

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