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Naw bro… only psycho bitches get

Fucking sonovabitch…

Normally I do all my comic work on my old Power Mac G3. It may be old, but it’s good enough for what I need. This time though I decided to do it on a two year old PC laptop. Normally it takes me one hour to scan in a comic and finalize it for the web. For some reason it took me four hours to do the same shit on this PC laptop. It’s 9AM now and I didn’t get any sleep!! (Well, I did doze off while it took the dame thing 10 minutes to save.)

I know I know I’m sure it’s not Windows’ fault and stuff. But you can’t imagine how pissed off I am with how long it took me to make this damn page, and it’s not even finished (the last two frames are supposed to be tan). THIS combined with my lack of sleep just makes me want to toss this piece of shit laptop out the fucking window!!! FOUR fucking hours, man! FOUR HOURS!!! Three of them I could have spent sleeping, but NOOOOOOO!!!! FUCCCCCKKKKK!!!

EDIT: OK, a deletion of some Photoshop temp files and one hard drive defrag later and Photoshop and the laptop are working fine and dandy. (And as you’ll notice, the last two frames are finally tanned.) Fine by me!

5 Responses to “Naw bro… only psycho bitches get”

  1. Pete sezzzzz:

    What? An emo guy being the cause of his own heartache and then whining about it later on? Come on, that NEVER happens!

  2. Tom sezzzzz:

    Say, you’re right; it isn’t the usual Flashback color…

    Maybe I could interest you in a tangerine iBook? 300mhz of stylish fun, fun fun… 😀

  3. Jamie sezzzzz:

    wow… Emo is like… my last boyfriend (about the sex part)… it was a very common conversation with him, “I dont want to pressure you, but I’d like to have more sex” 20 minutes later “I don’t want to pressure you, but i feel like I am undersexed” ect ect… it got really annoying… but we broke up for other reasons…

  4. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    PETE: Ah, it’s funny how the more broish one knows more about women than the smarter, more sensitve one. :3

    TOM: I have enough Macs! I just needed the laptop because of its portability. I did fix it though…

    JAMIE: Sometimes being a sensitive guy is something of a bane. No wait, scratch that; being a horny sensitive guy is something of a bane. If a sensitve guy lopped off his balls, then there’d be no problems. 🙂

  5. Sadgirl sezzzzz:

    Wow!This page hits to close to home.Being able to relate to story line was cool at first. Now its just sad.I already had to deal with the fact that i’m a lot like Shea but I never thought i could actually relate to Avery until I read this.

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