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So how’d things

I finished this comic while hanging out at my friends house, but I didn’t get back home to scan it until 5AM. Seeing as I don’t have any time to work on the second half of this page, I’ll have to get to it later in the day.

I still promise to make up for the three pages I’m missing.

Sorry I didn’t get this page up earlier Monday… I spent most of my day in San Francisco Traffic Court, winning my running-a-red-sign ticket and not paying a $166 fine. 🙂 As a bit of a victory move, I bought myself a copy of Justice League: The New Frontier on Bluray. Now as hyper-critical as I am concerning superhero comics, I give props to any story which transcends the general quality of generic superhero tales and any story which makes superheroes seem new again. The original graphic novel was a brilliant piece of work for this reason. The movie was, in turn, a fair adaption of the original story, in spite of the fact that certain key points of the original story were left out. If anything, I certainly felt my money was well spent. On the flip side, I felt that the extra features seemed a bit tacked on and largely unrelated to the main feature. In fact, the only one segment about adapting the original story into the movie version was a pathetic ten minutes long and spent most of the time talking about Starro. Beh. The other segments drew ire with me, though for largely philosophical reasons; the people that were interviewed discussed superhero comics as if they believed that superhero comics were the only comics that have ever existed… which of course is a belief that draws great resistance from me. But that’s another topic for another time. Fortunately each of the segments tie into The New Frontier in some way, so at least that was their saving grace.

5 Responses to “So how’d things”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Never having read “New Frontier”, all I can say about the DVD is that Batman’s voice was distracting as hell, having heard Kevin Conroy do it for so many years.

    Oh, and seeing The Riddler at the end, brief though his appearance was, was awesome. As was the appearance of Larry Trainor, who would later become a negative-energy hermaphrodite in Grant Morrisson’s “Doom Patrol”…

    Can’t wait for “The Judas Contract”, even though they’ll prolly gloss over the “Deathstroke banging the barely-legal Terra” bit.

  2. Roscoe sezzzzz:

    Poor shea. 🙁

    Just remember, kids. LIFE IS CRAP.

  3. Roscoe sezzzzz:

    Nice going in court, btw. *thumbs up*

  4. Jamie sezzzzz:

    how could you beat a running a stop sign ticket??? the stop sign never changes…

  5. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    TOM: Yeah, Batman’s voice in New Frontier threw me off; not so much because it wasn’t Kevin Conroy but more because it just didn’t sound very… Batman-y.

    I also must say that Stan Berkowitz is a terrible writer. His writing skills (or lack thereof) kept me away from the Justice League series. Seriously, it was a sub-par show. And in adapting New Frontier to a movie, his changes in the dialogue really worsened it up. I mean, sure, you have to cut shit out of a 200-300 page graphic novel in order to adapt it to a movie, but they could have kept the movie as is and just used the dialogue from the original book and it would have been five times better. Case in point: after Hal shot the North Korean in the face, I cringed when he said “War… over…” There are plenty of other examples in the Justice League, but I’ll save those criticisms for later. It’s just that he flat-out cannot write serious drama and come off sounding authentic and legitimate, if you get what I mean.

    ROSCOE: Yes, poor ol’ Shea…. what’s her problem?? And thanks about the ticket thing. 🙂 Life is crap, hand me a Juxtapose.

    JAMIE: Well no, I did get pulled over by a cop and the fuckko gave me a ticket for the offense. But rather than pay the amount and go to traffic school (or get another point on my license), I fought it in court. Fortunately it was my first offense, so they let it slide. Yay me!

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