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Emo’s Story [MRVR Notes]

I want Moose River VR to be a sort of interquel slash sequel. Like, some stories I want to finish, like Betty’s, so hers will take place exactly where I left off in 2009.

But for others, I want to see where they are now, ten years later. That’ll be the case with Emo. Right now the story I have in mind for him is… something happens—or rather didn’t happen—to him, which sort of sets his story on its way. But… we’ll just have to wait and see what that will be!

I’ll make a bjournal post covering the actual details of my overall plans; check it out below if you haven’t read it already.

Specifically for Emo’s story, looks like we’ll have four characters to work with here. I mean, a lot has changed in ten years! Let’s take a look:

  • EMO KIM: Our main character. He’s a working professional now, currently an assistant store manager of ABC/Pharmacy, which bought up Red’s Mart maybe 8 years ago. Wanna know what his life has been like since then? Wake up, go to work, deal with customers, leave work for home, eat ramen, go to sleep. What an exciting life he’s been leading, huh? No wonder he’s gained like 40 pounds (20 kilos).
  • QUICK DESIGN NOTE: Emo’s weight gain will definitely pad up his originally gaunt look. And because it seems like he just stopped caring about crap, his hair will be a bit long and unkept, and he probably doesn’t shave as often as he should. He’s in disarray, but not because of his prior emotional state. Frankly his emotions are super stable, as he has all the companionship he feels he needs. He totally has all that he needs. Totally. Without question. ….So why does he look like a complete mess? Maybe his situation is the direct inverse of before; he is SO stable that he has no more drive or ambition left.
  • EZRA SALLIA: Emo’s once on-again, off-again girlfriend turned platonic friend. Met through mutual friends and did consider themselves official for a while… but ultimately they both agreed that they would be better off just as friends. Partially due to Ezra’s own job where she’s on the go all the time, which made a stable relationship unreasonable and unfair. For an idea of what that entailed, Ezra once visited Afghanistan three times in between the last time her and Emo hung out. Emo and Ezra, however, value each other’s friendship and opinions, and Ezra does try her very best to get to Moose River as often as she can. (For the record, her last name is pronounced Suh-LEE-ya, nor SAL-lia.)
  • QUICK DESIGN NOTE: Ezra will have sorta droopy, heavy eyes, like you see here. I think maybe she smokes a bit too much, and maybe that as a deal breaker for Emo. I mean, she’s not a STONER, per se, just… well, maybe Emo didn’t like how much a part of her life it made up. Work wise she works as a news photographer, and on her off-days she helps build houses for the needy, and this means she goes where the work is. So while her off-work clothing I’ll maybe draw them to be kinda frilly, cutey, girlygirl-y, she will also be seen in heavy work clothing as well. I’m also unsure if I want to make Ezra Jewish. Not that I wouldn’t want her to be,
    but Ezra is a male Jewish name, and I’m deadset on keeping it. Lemme do some research on how culturally significant a female named Ezra would be for Jews.
  • CLAIRE BRADY (IRL): Emo’s first serious girlfriend. The original Moose River story never fully resolved their situation, but we can say that there was nothing to resolve. The two haven’t talked much, if at all, in that time. What has she done with herself? Who knows? Emo sure doesn’t. He doesn’t want to either; it would just brings back emotions which are pointless to try to address anyways. And Emo especially has not noticed nor cared that Claire had broken up with the guy she’s been dating for the last nine years. Nope, definitely not.
  • QUICK DESIGN NOTE: Three small tattoos are visible on her arms; her upper-left arm has a broken heart with a banner saying “Never” right underneath it. On the upper-right arm is one of those typical mermaids. Normally in formal events, she puts a removable bandage over the normally naked chest, calling it her “sports bra”. Finally on her lower-right arm is an anchor running through two cherries. Two popped cherries perhaps? Despite her being in her mid-late 30’s, she at least tried to keep herself in shape. Still, she’s almost 40, and it might be starting to show.
  • CLAIRE BRADY (ESPER): Not the real Claire, but a sort of muse, ghost, phantom. She’s the version of Claire as she was when they dated than Emo kept in his heart this whole time, though it’s not to say that this version of Claire is perpetually who she was. After all this time she’s sorta grown into her own persona, totally distinct from the real Claire. However, she kinda faded in the background some time ago, and really hasn’t been much of a factor in Emo’s emotions in all this time.
  • QUICK DESIGN NOTE: The Claire Esper will take the form of Claire back when she was introduced, so she’ll definitely far more younger looking than the IRL Claire. However, she’ll also perpetually be wearing the same clothing, mostly in order to underline her status as someone who doesn’t exactly exist. Her attitudes will be more positive, although what her purpose is in this story will remain a secret for now.

I guess it won’t be much of a spoiler to sat that the Esper Claire returns in a powerful way, which messes Emo up royally. Maybe it needed to happen? Maybe not. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

OTHER NOTES: The ages I’ve included in the graphic are tentative, or maybe unofficial. I forgot that I never really established their ages back in Moose River (they were all just “twenty-something”), and the year the story took place was 2006, given an the Apes to Astronauts concert in Chapter 6 was on Christmas Eve, 2006. So either the story takes place literally 10 years from the original, so 2016, or it takes place in 2019 and thus it’s actually 13-14 years later. Aw, I’ll figure it out later.

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