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Moose River Gaiden – 1 – Acid

Wow, this is a long time coming. Technically everything I posted before this moment was just some kind of sketch or notes slapped together… but today is the first actual proper comic I’ve done since the last time I did an actual comic. lol … This was kinda fun to do again… it honestly felt like nothing changed.

One thing that has definitely changed about my comics and art is that I’ve long since stopped the practice of drawing a thick bold outline around characters in order to help them stand out. I was convinced to change after I started using brushes to ink my comics with and got a grasp of the idea of using line weight to affect distance cues.

As for the story itself; this is based on an actual experience of mine, where I was 6 or 7 and told someone about this (I forget who), and they simply said what Jeffe–er… Anne’s “Daddy” told her. Again, what kind of person tells a little kid that drugs are like that? I’d say that that was literally the ur moment of my drug history, because I then remember thinking to myself back then that maybe—when I grow up, at least—I’d like to try “acid”, whatever that is. Even when I told my Dad about it, he gave me some sage advice:

  • • Don’t tell your mother
  • • Don’t do it alone and instead do it around friends you trust
  • • Be sure to do it in a safe location

Wow! Thanks Dad! No seriously, Dad had some awesome advice, because he was “Dad” after all, and being smart is what Dads are all about.

Come to think about it, each of the four “Moose River Gaiden” stories seem to revolve around some kind of drug. I won’t spoil which one is which, but I will say that they will be:

  • • Acid (this one)
  • • Pot
  • • Tobacco/Alcohol
  • • The Opposite Sex

Maybe if I enjoy working on these four comics, I’ll make some more… but don’t hold your breath.

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EDIT 20190708: I didn’t realize that I uploaded a not-as-good version of the comic until just now, so I reuploaded the better version. Please enjoy! A new “Moose River Gaiden” comic will appear on Tuesday, July 9th.

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Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

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