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I’m so sorry it took

Well What Do We Have Here? OMG…. IT’S A PAGE!!

Yes, I’ve finally worked on a page! I would have finished it but I had to go to work. I’ll take care of it when I get back home. The thing is that I finally wrote out the script for Chapter Seven, so now I have a guideline to follow, versus before when I had nowhere to go. This is what happens when my writer’s block is lifted and I can get back to work!

So yeah, keep an eye out for more pages in the near future, cuz you KNOW it’ll happen!

EDIT 20093026: Sorry it took me three days to finally post the page, I kept on getting sidetracked. I mean, just because my teachers assign me some homework, suddenly I’m supposed to complete it? What a weird world we live in…!

Anyways, as much as I want to post a page Friday, I don’t think I can manage it, due to some obligations. I still want to do new pages, but these things came up before my writer’s block was flushed out and I was able to complete the Chapter Seven script.

But if it’s any consolation to you guys, I’ll give you a little hint as to what’s gonna happen in Chapter Seven:
* Betty and Jorge are going to be REALLY happy together!
* Claire’s actions towards Emo are really starting to confuse him, so he’s going to work to find out just what exactly she wants from him!
* Anne is going to hold a minor gettogether at her house; there she’s going to take a trip to another plane of reality
* Avery proves once again how much of a heartless dick he is…
* …while Shea is going to try and get some of that heartless dick!
* And last–but not least–we’re going to find out just why Anne didn’t invite Thad to her gettogether, despite everyone insistence!

WOWZERS! Amazing this are going down in Chapter Seven! Hopefully I can kick my production into high gear just like I did when I needed to complete Chapter Sex Six before APE last November.

Ok, time to go to work again. Bye.

EDIT 20090327: Note to self: Remove where Betty says “What the hell?” in frame 6.

5 Responses to “I’m so sorry it took”

  1. Charlotte sezzzzz:

    I really like your stories. Especially the recent storyline got me wrapped up. But the “Shorties” in the beginning of your archives are great, too. Thanks by the way for noticing that way too many people die in the end of them. I kind of asked myself while I read through the pannels “will he/she die?….jupp, there he/she dies… and hung him/herself…AGAIN…”. Funny thing that I recognize many references to other comics, it makes me grin every time.
    But yeah, I enjoy them characters, storylines and art, even if they give me the creeps sometimes. I missed two classes in University today because I’ve been too eager to read through all of the comics. Thank you also for using not too much difficult vocabulary. English is not my first language. 😛

    Greetings; Charlotte, Cologne, Germany

  2. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    CHARLOTTE: Well I’m glad you enjoy Moose River! (^_^) Yeah, I know how predictable Moose River Deluxe can be, but it was my first minicomic (written back in 2003) so I still had some learning to do about how to write good stories. However I’m sure the entertainment value of the main Moose River story has totally made up for it. And don’t feel too bad about skipping out on class to read the story… I’ve skipped out on class to write it. I should use that as an advertisement: “Moose River, so good you’ll skip class for it!” 😀

    And hey, must say that your English is much better than my German! Heck, your English is probably better than MY English! Sometimes I do write English not good. 🙁

    Anyways, if you loved the story now, you’ll really enjoy what’s to come! 🙂 But yeah, thanks for your reply and keep on reading! (Tell your friends too! :D)

  3. Tom sezzzzz:

    ZOMG! I was this close to sending fan art. Sure dodged that bullet… Whew.

  4. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    TOM: Dude! I would LOVE for you to send in fan art, regardless of what’s happening on my end of things!! (^_^)

  5. Tom sezzzzz:

    Another time; I have to manage my DVD / PS2 collection first. It’s taking over my room and blocking the path to my drawing table…

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