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OK… your total is

This was done on Wednesday, but I couldn’t get around to posting it until just now. Something about having to do two essays for school and overdosing on salt. Anyways, here it is.

In other news, looks like I’ve been Fleen’d!: Moose River Is Great If You Don’t Mind Squinting. Some select quotes from the article include:

“…it’s strangely entertaining, though not quite addictive.”
“The poor handwriting holds this comic back. Few people will be willing to get passed this amateur look to discover a fun storyline.”
“Some of the comic is not as impressive as Phillippe, but only by a little.”

D’oh! Sommer here seems to do a good job of promoting it as much as cut Moose River down. But that’s OK, Moose River Regular was always about me practicing comic composing, about learning to create a kind of style that works best for me and to get my story out. I’m at least greatful that Sommer DOES recognize that it’s all just a start. Still, at least Sommer didn’t call it complete crap! Hell, even if Sommer DID call it crap, at least it just proves that Moose River is SOMETHING to recognize. As opposed to some other comic that is just so piss poor that it isn’t even worth mentioning.

Anyways, that’s three reviews down… more to go! I feel spechul once again…

As for the shitty handwriting deal… well, I have two alternatives. First off… you know the “Enlarge This Comic” thingy? Well, I plan on setting up another comic script where you can traverse through the entire story while reading the enlarged version. The enlarged version looks really nice on bigger monitors, especailly flat screen ones. Being able to read the entire comic using the enlarged versions should be something everyone’s clammoring about. You’ll see what I mean in due time.

Now If THAT doesn’t clear up the whole “your handwriting SUCKS” criticism deal, I suppose I COULD just create my own font (one that’s legible and equally sized), then go back and rewrite all the text using the newer, easier to read font. But that’ll take far more time than I have to spend, so I’ll hold off on THAT plan until it proves to be completely necessary. The only reason why I don’t type the text is because it takes far too much of my time to do so. Likewise, the art is pretty simple because it’s easier for me to churn out a page in class. I mean it’s not like I’m incapable of drawing somewhat halfway decent. 😀

I SWEAR though, my handwriting is completely legable! It’s just that the limitations of pixels tend to cut out a lot of the finer details. It looks FAR much better in print, which is my ideal format anyways.

There’s also the fact that I like to deal with subtleties a lot to consider. Some of the text is PURPOSEFULLY illegible, just to make it sort of easter-eggy. Little words under people’s breath, or the use of an IP address as someone’s phone number (as it is on Jorge’s business card in today’s comic). Little things you may not notice right away but sort of rewarding if you spot it. 😀


vio (May 21, 2006, 2:26):
HUZZAH! i jave just noticed you have a store now 😀

i must buy the original one soon D:

please dont take the item off >>

One Response to “OK… your total is”

  1. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    Just so you know, I’ve since begun to type my comics (using a font of my own handwriting no less) after I wrote this post. I caved into the critical view on my chicken scratch handwriting. :3

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