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Echoes of Claire (Emo’s Story) [Sketch]

Ok so i whipped this sketch up last night… it wasn’t exactly the post I had planned for today, but screw it, I don’t give a fuuuuuuudge. I am fresh out of hecks to give.

If the symbolism goes over your head, this represents Emo replaying the past over and over and over and over again, which doesn’t do much for his happiness. However, the strange thing is that he hasn’t even thought about her in some 10ish years since he last said ANYTHING to her. So why this all of a sudden?

…anyways, this picture also marks the official first piece of Rule 34 for Moose River. It took 15 years to reach this point, but we finally proved Rule 34 right! … actually, no, wait… scratch that. I totally forgot about a naughty picture that Brion of Flipside Comics drew of Shea (as Gothgrrl). But then again, it was Shea’s avatar in Mystic Revolution, and not Shea herself. Though, I dunno. Let’s say this, the above picture is definitely the FIRST piece of Rule 34 done of a non-video game character. Even though, as a memory, she’s just as “real” as a video game avatar. And its only just tasteful nudity (at worst Rated-R), nothing explicit, so its not really “porn”, is it? Bah, now I’m just being pedantic. Moose River, rule 34, end of story.

Now I wanted to draw this for two reasons. One, it just shows the kind of disgust one could have for oneself… epecially when you realize how much hurt she has had in the past… how could you hurt the feelings of someone so cute and beautiful, but also someone who was in such a need for stability? She probably finally felt true happiness for the first time as an adult, but you had to be selfish and throw all that away. Well, I mean, Emo did. Not YOU, the reader. No wonder he felt it easier to just BURY his feelings instead of trying to resolve anything.

And two, well, honestly, I drew such a cute picture of Esper Claire in yesterday’s picture that… well, one thing led to another, and suddenly I found myself eating Popeyes chicken. Yknow, because those are the kinds of things that happen when you let one thing lead to another. Loll, but seriously… hey, I kinda wanted to draw something that is titillating for once. I’ll even it out and maybe draw Avery as a burly 30-something at the beach or something.

Oh, if you wanna hear a song to go with the picture, maybe this one will suit it nicely:

Anyways, for tomorrow, I will post something from one of the other stories. Because there’s more than just Emo’s story to tell.

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EDIT: Here I’m talking about rule 34 of Claire while totally forgetting that she was pretty much the ONLY character in the story regularly seen in the buff. Though we did get to see one of Anne’s nips in a frame which I had recently removed, and the tip of Emo’s cock could be seen as he’s jerkin’ off (to nudes of Claire, no less)… but all of these were maybe PG-13 at worst. This is maybe the first time I drew any character straight up rated-R butt-nekkid.

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