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OUTTAKE – Y’know, speaking of Navy

ARCHIVE READERS: If you’ve just finished reading Muusugawa no Nihon and want to go straight into reading the main Moose River story, click here. These outtakes are here at this point in time just because it’s the best place for them, seeing as I can’t put them AFTER the main series (otherwise it’ll be post dated and thus unreadable).


Click here to skip over the introduction of the Moose River Outtakes.

Well, welcome to the next stunning edition of Moose River Outtakes! … Actually this seems to be the first one. Hmmm…

OK so here’s the deal. One of the most important things about Moose River that separates it from other webcomics is that it’s in a constant state of flux. The archives are not set in stone and are always open for revision. The point of this is to keep Moose River readable, seeing as I eventually want to put Moose River into graphic novel form and having old pages that look like crap compared to the new pages doesn’t serve me well. In the process of revising Moose River, sometimes I’ll remove some frame(s) from a page or even some page(s) from the archive. Sometimes those frames might make it back into another page, or those pages reworked back into the story. Other times, well, they never make their way back in and are lost from the story for good.

The following are pages with frames or entire pages that have been removed from the main Moose River storyline which are significant enough to share. I had originally planned to just keep them out, but for the sake of giving you guys more shit to be entertained with, I’ll share them with you.

Here’s some things to point out:
* Instead of its page number, I’ve used the original date of appearance.
* Outtake pages are non-canonical. Not that I really want to worry about something being “canon” or not like a bunch of Star Trek/Wars nerds. But at the same time, I don’t want you guys thinking that because it happened here it’s part of the real story. This page is the perfect example.
* You’ll also notice that elements of these pages have actually been worked back into the main story. I’ve kept them in here just for the sake of not breaking up reading of these outtakes, and that removing them would be too much work than what it’s worth.



If you’ve noticed that the gap in the archives between October 2006 and March 2007, this is what I took out. The reason for the removal is because those pages took a far greater focus on Navy than what was acceptably readable. That is to say, the first three chapters had a particular flow that many readers liked, seeing as I wrote them with no particular focus other than to introduce everyone properly. Then when it came time to write Chapter Four, I had planned it to give Navy the spotlight to use it by having her fight with the group and then break away, never to be seen in the comic ever again. But putting her on the center stage like that really upset that particular flow, and I got a lot of complaints about it. At first I was really reluctant to remove those pages, seeing as I spent a lot of time on it and I was almost finish with it…. but I eventually got to see what everyone was talking about, and so I took out the offending pages.

What exists of Chapter Four from September to October 2006 is all that was left after the removal. The first few pages that were removed were actually put back into the main story, starting with the page on July 10th, 2007 (originally posted on October 18th, 2006). It continued on unaltered, with the page on August 17th, 2007 (originally posted on November 14th, 2006) being the last of it. Afterwards, the main story split away from what the removed pages were about, with only some of the original frames being reused, sometimes with different dialogue. This is the first page of what didn’t make it back in.

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