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Links (Small Version)

Dum da da dum dum dum dum da da dum dum… these are a few of my favorite links! 😀 (Links listed in alphabetical order. Mouse-over for a quick description.)

Fair warning, since 2009, many of these webcomics are finished, or may even no longer exist. The completed comics are slightly faded out, while the ones that no longer exist are notably faded and blurred.


Nerd and geek humor.Cute and EuropeanXXXSort of like a 18-year-old Nancy Drew, plus nudity. (NSFW)The true life story of CTRL-ALT-DEL's Tim BuckleyOne drinks, one smokes.It's a comic about Half Life 2Best pixel comics!Digimon, but darker.Hot Ass Jester Girl, ahoy!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIt is what it is.XXXXXXXXXXXXI'm impressed this guy is still around!Dead pan humor galoreXXXXXXXXXXXX

PERSONAL ART SITES & BLOGS (relating to comics):
Some bits of Bitchy Bitch flaked off on BettyThese comics have problems.HOLY JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED SINCE 2009He wrote one of the best books I've ever read: BlanketsJeffrey Brown is a God.XXXXXXXXXSon of Legendary Vaughn BodeCarol Lay is like the Tina Fey of comics. Even their names rhymePutting shitty webcomics in their place. See their fans squirmHome of my most favorite manga writer/artist
Online Comics dot Net
Online Comics dot Net

Drawn & Quarterly
:01 First Second Books
Top Shelf Comics
Fantagraphics Books

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Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

From the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of this page): thank you very much for reading my comics.

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