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♫ …And to this end… ♫

Five pages left to go! I think I can get this done in time! Cheer me on, though!

What a month (or two) though! I’ve been working so many hours and been dealing with school at the same time… it’s exhausting. But now I’m really starting to get the hang of things and certainly wouldn’t mind another few weeks of this. Fortunately though my working is getting some replacements, so soon enough they’ll be taking over my 7am to 3pm work shifts, allowing me a bit more freedom and shit. Either way though, I’m cool.

My birthday is coming up soon, on October 20th.

It’s fun knowing people who have birthdays closest to mine. My friend Kristie’s birthday will be on the 23rd, and then another three days later is my friend Dave’s birthday. Three days earlier to my birthday is that of Stephanie, the daughter of one of my best friends, Kathy, as well as the birthday of a very old friend of mine, Marie. Interestingly enough, Marie and Kristie are the two people who have birthdays closest to mine, which also takes the year into account. Marie was 10/17/1982, then comes me on 10/20/1982, and then Kristie on 10/23/1982. Steph and Dave, however, were born in 1984, but even then they aren’t closer to mine than Marie and Kristie, date-wise. Now I did get to meet one other person who had the same birthday as mine once: at work I had to check the ID of someone buying cigarettes and they were born on 10/20/1982 as well. But other than that, I’ve never known someone who had a birthday after the 17th or before the 23rd, regardless of the year. …. Being an October kid also meant that I was one of the youngest kids in my classroom during elementary school. Everyone else was born in like, January or March, with me and like two or three other classmates beings October, November or December. But at least being born in October means Halloween is extra special to me. Another fun October anniversary for me is when I started working at Longs Drugs. I got hired like four days after my birthday, so right around my birthday I get to mark off another year I’ve been working for Longs. Just so you know, it’ll be seven years since I got hired. … Seven years ago, 2001, was also another special year for me because it marked a major shift in my personal life. The thing is, I separate my life into “eras”, with specific events and major changes being the milestones to the beginning and ending of those eras. My current era, that of my “College Years”, started around September and October 2001, as things happened in that that which never happened to me before in my life. The September Eleventh attacks was the major catalyst which really separated life before and life after, but it was also when I first got a real job and when I started college. In this era, I also started using drugs, got my drivers license, started vacationing on my own, started to take work with my comics and film seriously, got a real girlfriend and had sex plenty of times; none of which were things that I did in my previous era, that of High School. My High School era itself started when I was in 7th grade, which was when I was being picked on by a bully, which never happened before then. Furthermore, who I was in my High School era is not who I am now, and I like to separate the events of my life in order to separate my personality. I suspect that my current College Years era will be coming to an end very soon. When that happens, that’s when my “Career” era will start and my life will in turn split away and distance itself from my current College Years era. I really look forward to that, as I’m starting to get tired of this era and need a major change in my life… one that can only come into being with my graduation from college, being hired by some major corporation and me making a SHITLOAD of cash. 🙂

OK, I’m done rambling on about useless trivia about myself. 🙂

One Response to “♫ …And to this end… ♫”

  1. Roscoe sezzzzz:

    *cheers him on* Wooooooooooo!

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