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But we were just there yesterday…

The confusion you experience dealing with all these new characters is sort of intentional. Partly to sort of recreate the experience Avery is having with meeting all those new people, because they’re all new faces to him as well. … Most of the extra characters are throw-away characters, they exist to drive Anne, Avery, Betty, Emo or Shea, or to show something more about those five. The less a character appears in the story, the less you should worry about them. In any case though, I’m sure you know far more people in real life than the number of people I’ve thrown into the story, or have been to a party with a bunch of people you don’t know, so it really shouldn’t be much of an issue. I mean, you don’t have to know EVERYONE at a party, so why do you have to know everyone in the story? 😀

I dunno, maybe all this extra character shit is something I might figure to be a bad idea in the end. But then again, the sole purpose of Moose River Regular is to teach myself how to write a story from start to finish, and I’ll take what failures that come with it. Hopefully though I can make the story interesting while continually thowing in new people.

The nude girl in the previous two pages is Theresa Lusk, she’s the one talking to the bearded dude on this page. Thing is though, you don’t NEED to know this to be able to read the story, the scenes with her should be good enough as it is. Or at least, that was the intent. Maybe the execution didn’t work out as well as I had intended (but that’s what practice is all about). Her main purpose was to just show that Avery and her drunk fucked, but Avery snuck out before she woke up. And to make matters worse, she slipped on the condom Avery left behind. We’ll be seeing more of her later, but that’s not an issue that is to be dealt with right now. Those scenes were basically (and hopefully) meant to show that Avery might be one of those “hit it and quit it” dudes. Rather shady on his part, no?

Though… I suppose I could update the Character page with some additional information about the characters in the story…


Plippy (May 4, 2006, 16:13):
Hey, thanks for the input! I greatly appreciate it. I’ll probably get around to cleaning up some of the links tomorrow… I’m a tad side tracked today, but it’s certainly something I’ll take care of. 😀

alex (May 4, 2006, 5:25):
Oh almost forgot also change the links at the top to a lighter colour, even white text. The menu options are a bit slow and hard to read due to the dark background. 🙂

Alex (May 4, 2006, 5:23):
Thanks for explaining the direction your taking the story. But please move the Cast page to a link of its own on the top menu. The first thing most people do is check the cast page.

Your be surprised what difference it makes keeping it up to date.

So don’t be like a lot of artists and get lazy 🙂

And keep up the good work, I like the comic and your art style as improved vastly.

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