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So who’re you supposed to be?

I’m sooooo sleepy…

Ok I’m gonna share some thoughts with you.

1. I’m disappointed with the idea that Warner Brothers is going to make a live action version of the manga series and anime feature Akira. That alone is bad enough… but what pours salt in the wound is that they’re going to Americanize Akira. For example, the movie will take place not in Neo Tokyo but in “New Manhattan”. I guess Warner Brothers was above using something lame like “Neo New York”. [rolls eyes]

2. I’m totally in love with this DS game called Orcs & Elves, if only because it’s an absolute old skool RPG, complete with Wolfenstein 3D-esque graphics. Anyone who doesn’t like this game never grew up with old skool computer RPGs, or had after-school sessions with Wolfenstein 3D. 🙂

3. I’ve been writing up some poetry in my Creative Writing classes. It’s nothing special but it’s some material I’ve written that you readers probably have never read (provided you guys never pop by my LiveJournal).

ABSTRACT: BEING RAINED UPON (Task: Write a poem about being rained upon without actually mentioning that it is raining.)
Headlight, wipers, umbrellas
Smokers chillin’ by the door
A cold chill down my spine
And the taste of phlegm in my throat.

CHOSEN WORD: THE CAPTAIN (Task: Write a poem using some words written on the board.)
As he enters the event horizon, he understands his fate.
The blunderbuss on the wall watches him wait.
The tales they’ll tell, the people fabling…
The cockamamie crops up,
The hypocrites hailing.
The captain could have been someone, a real politico.
A cycle of value, heroes to go.
He preens himself and comes to terms…
Everything is copasetic.

THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT AN iPOD (Task: Get more abstract as you go along.)

A wallet was taken out from his back pocket,
A new credit card was taken out and swiped,
A new iPod has been purchased.

She didn’t like the song that just came up.
So she pressed the Next Track button,
On the front face of the iPod.

The smell of burnt wires
Prompted me to return to the Apple Store
And exchange the old iPod for a new one.

Walking home one day,
I discovered that the power ran out of my iPod.
In my rage is threw it onto the pavement,
Only to remember that no snow was to buffer the fall this time.

The mother looked upon her son,
Thinking back to the night when he was conceived.
Was the Beatles’ White Album playing in order?
Or was her boyfriend’s iPod on shuffle?

I bought an iPod because everyone else had one.
Am I seeking my own independence?
Or am I walking the path of corporate conformity?

Parallels can be made between creatures of different worlds.
What seems different is all but the same under a different coat of paint.
Our televisions, their theatres.
Our automobiles, their chariots.
Our iPods, their siren calls.

She is weak minded, blaming everyone but herself.
She can dish out the shit but can’t take it.
She will borrow something but not return it.
I borrowed her iPod once and she never stopped bugging me to return it.
I love her.

Green glazed their eyes
Upon the sight of something they desired.
The iPod was just sitting there.
Green is their favorite color.

The best summer I ever had was without warm nights
Or cold ice vanilla cream.
Nor did it consist of a good movie.
Or swimming in the lake with a beautiful girl.
My iPod saved the 2,000 drive to the funeral and back.

How many lives? How many ideas?
How many decisions can be stored
In an electronic box the size of a pack of cards?
The iPod makes history fit.

You want me.
You are triyng to making me believe in your truths.
Anything, whatever.
For the price of an iPod.

Dance dance dance
At one time we danced to the beat of a different drummer
Now we dance to the color of a different iPod.

CINQUAIN: MYSTERY LIQUID (Task: Rhyme “clear” and “house” in the format abaab)

The liquid I drank was fairly clear,
I found it in a box, hidden in my house.
It didn’t do much, grabbing my ire.
But my stomach said something that I did hear:
“Something’s not right, I question the source.”

I started to panic, I stared to fear.
I might not get to work now, gotta call the boss.
But I couldn’t move, like headlights to my deer.
I flopped on the couch, right on my rear…
The fire in my stomach I needed to douse.

…. Like I said, it’s nothing special.

That’s all my thoughts of the moment.

3 Responses to “So who’re you supposed to be?”

  1. A Monkey sezzzzz:

    Well, last year they -almost- killed our Transformers infancy myth, so this one it’s turn for Akira. I wonder what will be next.

  2. Ace sezzzzz:

    this one made me RELLY lol

  3. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    A MONKEY: I don’t think Transformers was ruined for me at all. Frankly I think the movie honored the original show. 😉

    ACE: I really liked this page too. (^_^)

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