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Moose River 2020s

So Moose River is “back”… kinda. I have a lot of artistic energy, but it comes and goes. Most of my legitimate business artisitic energy is actually spent working on my Pokémon website—Pokémon Aaah!—because let’s be honest, Pokémon is way more popular than Moose River will ever be. But at the same time, I still want to be able to tell the kinds of stories with Moose River than I can’t exactly do with Pokémon. Now I DID plan on making a series called “Adventure Battlemon” where I took my Moose River characters and plopped them into a Pokémon-esque homage/parody world (similar to Galaxy Quest for Star Trek, or The Last Jedi for Star Wars)… and I may still do that. But I do want to at least tie up the loose ends with the stories I started in the original Moose River story… like:

  • does Anne and Betty’s relationship square up?
  • how does Emo manage his leftover feelings for Claire?
  • what the hell is going on with Anne and Thad, and how does this affect Anne and Avery’s friendship?
  • what does Shea do about her jope (heroin) addiction?
  • do Betty and Jorge live happily-ever-after?

I kinda don’t want to simply finish up the last three chapters. I mean, that may just be what I should do… but my artistic ideas and goals have changed since then, and I feel like telling stories in a different format might be better. This is also considering that more and more people read comics on mobile phones, and that format is less “blocky” and more free-flowing. I don’t plan on retelling Chapters 1-6 in this format, but I do plan on writing future stories like this.

I had originally planned on making a new series called “Moose River VR”, which I would make “VR comics” (whatever that would entail)… but after creating a few test 3D pieces of art, I realized that trying to do an ENTIRE SERIES in 3D would be… well, a challenge, to put it lightly. And I wasn’t up to the challenge. In any case, had penned up a few stories for it, covering the main cast in what they were dealing with. I may transition those stories into my current comic initiative, or maybe I’ll do something new.

Currently my goal is to simply make some stories that help follow up on the questions I listed above, to give some kind of conclusion to the threads I started back in 2005. Right now those stories are:

  • EMO: “Emo Discovers AI Chat”
    • After over 15 years since breaking up, Emo STILL thinks about Claire, even though he’s long since moved on with is life. Is he broken? Or what?
  • BETTY: “Life of Betty”
    • A story that covers Betty’s failed marriages and finally meeting Mr. Right with Jorge Wilkins, CEO of Durochi (one of the largest tech and industrial giants).
  • ANNE: “???”
    • Not sure. The Moose River VR story I had planned for her doesn’t apply. Her story may just tie in with other characters.
  • SHEA: “Shea’s Hero”
    • Shea just turned 40 and is on her third attempt at drug rehab. The relapsed twice before, but for this third time, Shea is legitmately concerned about her life and future.
  • AVERY: “???”
    • I legitimately don’t know what to do here. I may just cover my original plans for Book 3 where Avery and Thad’s relationship faces a serious shakeup.

Once these are done (or at least sufficiently covered), I may complete Moose River as a project and move onto Adventure Battlemon. Or not. I’m not sure. Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Of course, however, everyone knows how well I follow through with my project ideas. But I feel like I’m better about managing my time than I was when I was younger, so we shall see, won’t we?

I want to thank you for your continued interest and support, and look forward to entertaining you further with my stories.

Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

From the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of this page): thank you very much for reading my comics.

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