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Moose River Gaiden [Preview]

OOOH MAN I toooootally forgot about these!

OK so maybe around Sept/Oct 2013, I drew up four Moose River comic pages which I dubbed Moose River Gaiden. “Gaiden” is a Japanese word meaning “side-story” or “tale”, the idea being that any “gaiden” story is intended to be a sort of side event to the main storyline, done just for whatever reason the comicmaker felt.

For me I wanted to do these because…

  • • One, I was in a comicmaking mood for the first time in years, but I didn’t want to work on new proper Moose River pages just yet—being out for four years meant I wanted to earn my way back into the swing of things—and;
  • • Two, I had these stories in mind that didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the main Moose River storyline, plus I wanted to show you guys that MR wasn’t dead, so I wanted to get them out in some form. And since they were side-stories to the main storyline, “Moose River Gaiden” felt like an appropriate title.

Unfortunately, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I ultimately never finished these pages beyond the scanning stage. Like, all the necessary artwork was drawn and scanned… but that’s where I stopped. Fortunately however, I AM back, and I AM feeling artistic, and this artistic mood seems to be officially back and not a fleeting feeling—seeing as I’ve added some kind of Moose River sketch to the site everyday since my official return—so I am now finally able to finish them and post them on the site. Cool, huh?

Again, there are four pages total, and each one is represented in the above picture—though maybe not in the actual order of release. I’ll be posting them over the upcoming week… most likely on this upcoming Sunday (7th), Tuesday (9th), Thursday (11th), and Saturday (13th). This won’t stop me from posting SOMETHING everyday, regardless if I actually post the pages on those days or not. I will however at least work on them and get them completed during this upcoming week.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these pages when they’re released, especially as they’ll be the first actual comics posted in a literal decade! 😀 In fact, just think about everything that has happened since the last time I posted a comic… America’s first Black-American President became President of America, so did America’s first Orange-American President. I’m glad that I’m getting these comics done now, because I don’t want to wait until we elect our first Purple-American President… because then we may risk invasion from the Army of the One-Eyed One-Horn Flying Purple-People Eaters, who’ll eat our Purple-American President… and I’ll NEVER get a comic released by that point!! ;_;

— — — — — — — —

Oh, BTW, to make up for the lack of a proper sketch or drawing today—as all today’s picture is are frames pulled from the comics—I’ve added some official Moose River RULE 34 in the “Extra Junk” section! In fact there are at least TWO new Rule 34 pictures in there, so be sure to check ’em out!

Please “enjoy” these Rule 34 pictures… that’s what they’re there for! And I’m sure Shea and Anne won’t mind… in fact, I think they rather enjoy this! :3

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Moose River
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