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Saturday | November 21st, 2009
TODAY'S COMIC: Chapter 7 Notes

I’m not dead yet! Frankly a lot of shit has happened over the past 12 months, and every new little thing has forced me to revise my Chapter 7 plans yet again. Frankly if I started Chapter 7 immediately after Chapter 6, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it will ultimately be.

Of course when I actually start Chapter 7 (past what I’ve already got)… that’s for Allah to will.

In any case, here’s some bits about Chapter 7 I tossed together while waiting for my food at Denny’s. … I didn’t realize how much emphasis I put on hair in those notes.

THE BJÖURNAL: Daily News Du Jour

Back online after I forget how long

March 26th, 2019

Howdy! Moose River is “back”! And by “back” I mean that the archives are back online after some time with them NOT online. I forgot why I took them off, but whatever, it’s back.

Do I plan on making new pages? Maybe. Maybe not. Right now all of my artistic energy is being spent on VIRTUAL REALITY, specifically making 3D-360 cinematic VR movies with the camera I helped design. Check out some of my work on at my company website, MindVR.com. I’ve actually been kicking around the idea of making a 3D-360 VR comic… but I’m not sure how that’ll work out yet. Lemme get back to you.

Finally, I’ve been making some slight edits to the site… partially to keep it working in general, but also to make some changes which I feel are necessary. I’ll try to keep the site as AS-IS as possible, but it definitely won’t be a pure time capsule of what it looked like back in 2009-2012 when I last touched it.

Revision Notes and Site Transfer

June 8th, 2012

One of the most important things I plan on doing in my revision of Moose River is updating each page of the story–either by redrawing the entire page or some of the frames or elements within the page–as well as adding new frames and pages to the story overall.

Case in point, in the last-most page of the story, I think that the last three frames can be spread out over six or so; as it is right now, it just seems like their conversation is just too compressed and takes away from the emotion. This will, of course, require me to add a new page to the story… and since the frames added is three and not six, I’ll need to add three more frames to the story in order fill the entire page.

This level of revision is also, coincidentally, a way to ensure that old readers won’t be off-put by me reposting pages they’ve already read. As in, each new set of pages means that something new will be added to the story they’re already familiar with, and thus ensuring they’re not reading something completely old.

So when do I plan on starting my revision of the story? Soon. I don’t have a set date, largely because I’m terrible at keeping my promises like that. All I can say–and all I know I can do–is that I AM working on the foundation of which everything new will be built upon. HOPEFULLY this means I can start work within the month, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t hold me to it!

Now also, part of the Moose River revision means that I’ll be setting it up so that it can be an appropriate site for my other comic projects. Moose River–as in the story I’m currently working on–won’t be the only story I plan on working on in the “Moose River” world. I have at least three “Moose River” tales that I want to work on, and I’m gonna need this site to share them on. So in that case, the new story revision will most likely come with a slight site redesign which leaves it open for those other tales to appear in their time.


Even though this current incarnation of Moose River will soon be old hat, I’m too much of a nostalgia nut to delete it all.

As such, when the new site is ready to go and my revisions are ready to go, this site–as it exists now–will be transfered to a new location for posterity. Of course, it may be a spoiler to those who are reading the revised Moose River story, but then again I think the additions and changes I make to the existing story should be enough that readers may also be losing out if they read the old version.

Anyways….. at least everything I’ve done, all the comments and well-wishes I’ve received won’t completely disappear from the internet…. it’ll just be moved aside to leave space open for the new stuff. 🙂

OK, so here’s the plan…

June 7th, 2012

I’ve been jealously guarding my “spark” over the last few days just to make sure it doesn’t fizzle on me, and so far it seems to be doing fine. … Now I’ve been giving it a lot of thought yesterday and now I know what I need to do with this site. So the plan is:

  • I’m gonna completely revise Moose River. I don’t plan on redrawing EVERY single page, however many frames or entire pages will be redrawn or replaced.
  • I will also remove a lot of the extra junk on the site (like the Outtake pages and Moose River #0), at least off the “main series” and instead onto the “Stuff” page.
  • I also will basically “blank” out this site and start from scratch. Don’t worry, I’ll keep a backup of everything at like “old.MooseRiver.us” or something, so at least none of this disappears. However, I wanna be able to start this story over, and feel like it.
  • FOR YOU LONG-TIME READERS: Don’t worry, I plan on adding new things to each of the old pages, just so it doesn’t look like you’re completely re-reading everything again.

The current plan is to release four updated pages every Monday and Friday until every single page that has been released has been released. Afterwards I’ll be releasing absolutely new pages one at a time every Monday and Friday as well.

It’s gonna be boring for a long while as old pages are rereleased again (even though there will be some major updates to them), but I promise you it’ll be worth it in the end. (Assuming I can keep my promise this time.)

Promises Made, But I’m Not Too Good With Keeping Them

June 5th, 2012

Damn spark… Once upon a time it used to take me no effort to write a new page. Then some stupid shit happened to me which sapped my ability to write and draw new pages. All the times in the past when I thought I could write a new page, it was because I THOUGHT that my spark had returned, only to fizzle just as quickly as it came.

Lately it’s different. The thought-numbing effects of medication seem to be easing their tight grip on my creativity. I no longer am working at one of my shitty jobs, and am finally able to work more hours at another (now into full time), which means I now have less financial worries on my mind. My interest in time- and money-wasting gaming is at an all-time low. And most importantly, I’ve finally graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Technical/Professional Writing, meaning I no longer have to worry about school. My life is taking a positive turn for the better, and I no longer feel as drained and useless as I used to.

AT THIS VERY MOMENT I feel as if I have regained my comicmaking spark, but I’m worried that it’ll evaporate like it did before. I’m trying everything I can to douse fuel onto it so my spark can turn into a raging inferno like it used to… but I also am afraid that I’ll just start feeling like it’s too much of a chore to hold onto my spark and it’ll disappear once again. I don’t know what else to do, but to wait for it to return again like I’ve been doing for the past three years.

Maybe if I keep striking the metaphorical flint again and again, AND somehow get me to not feel like it’s a chore anymore, THEN maybe I’ll be “back to normal”…. Hmm.

In any case, if I were to finally return back to comics, the first thing I would do is go back and revise some of my artwork and pages. Maybe starting certain pages from scratch and revising the story a bit. Or maybe I’ll just start work on some new titles; like, some basic short stories which summarizes some of the other comic ideas I’ve had.

We’ll see…. 🙁

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