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Quick TL;DR Summary of my plans for Moose River

July 1st, 2019

If reading through a huuuuuuuuuuuge wall of text just to get an idea of what I have planned, then maybe I’ll just write something quick up to explain everything. Heck, this might also make for a quick-and-dirty checklist to make sure my plans are still on target.

☑ — Get Moose River website back up and online
☐ — Sign up for all the different social media, artist-support and other community building platforms to help generate more interest and gather fans together.

☑ — Instagram (sharing daily pictures and art)
☐ — Patreon (help support Moose River!)
☑ — Twitter (sharing random thoughts and updates)
☐ — Facebook (social media community building, also for their 360 video/photo sharing tools)
☑ — YouTube (location to watch 3D-360 VR comics with)

☒ — Get art skills back in tip-top shape after not doing art for so long. Also focus on drawing Moose River characters via introduction/summary pages:

☐ — Avery
☐ — Anne
☒ — Shea (Shea’s story)
☒ — Emo (Emo’s story)
☐ — Betty
☒ — Others (First promo art, Echoes of Claire)

☐ — Go through archives and clean up errors, tighten up text, etc.

☐ — Chapter 1
☐ — Chapter 2
☐ — Chapter 3
☐ — Chapter 4
☐ — Chapter 5
☐ — Chapter 6
☐ — Chapter 7 (all three pages)

☐ — Work on developing different ideas for what “VR comics” means.

☐ — IDEA A: infinite line of panels in 360

☐ — A1: 2D version
☐ — A2: 3D version

☐ — IDEA B: entire scenes drawn in either…

☐ — B1: IMAX-style super wide screen

☐ — B1a: 2D version
☐ — B1b: 3D version

☐ — B2: full-360 video—where left and right sides connect—but without a top or bottom (this makes drawing the scene easier TBH)

☐ — B2a: 2D version
☐ — B2b: 3D version

☐ — B3: complete-360 environment, complete with top and bottom

☐ — B3a: 2D version
☐ — B3b: 3D version

☐ — In the mean time, begin work on scripting for the first Moose River VR story.

☐ — Avery’s Story
☐ — Anne’s Story
☐ — Shea’s Story
☐ — Emo’s Story
☐ — Betty’s Story

☐ — Actually begin work on drawing the first MRVR story, and complete it start to finish. And when it’s done, do the rest!

☐ — Avery’s Story
☐ — Anne’s Story
☐ — Shea’s Story
☐ — Emo’s Story
☐ — Betty’s Story

☐ — Complete Moose River VR project. Thank you for your support and interest!

☐ — Look into ways to promote or publish MRVR to help generate interest and curiosity in the project.
☐ — It’s absolutely done. This will only be checked off if I’m absolutely sure.

There… hopefully this gives you a better idea of my plans for the future of Moose River.

I will admit that, right now, there is still a lot of questions and unknowns about what I plan on doing. Again, even *I* don’t know what a “VR comic” would look like. But when I begin sorting through the ideas and drawing up examples of it, I’ll provide links on this list towards examples of the work, which at least also ensures that you won’t have to poke through the archives page-by-page just to find an example of a specific conept.

For the record:
☑ — completed
☒ — in progress
☐ — not started

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