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September 9th, 2008

The guy who does Chugworth Academy did this pretty piece. Looking at it just makes me feel better about myself and the kind of work that I do as a comicmaker….. and as a human being. I mean, at least I’m not dumb enough to post any of MY Moose River gore fetish artwork online!

( from Your Webcomic Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad )

EDIT: Image dumped under the fold. Warning: Image extremely NSFW!!

5 Responses to “Wow.”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    OK, apart from the fact that all his work has that fuzzy, over-exposed coloring that screams “the light source is like five feet away from my face” – which in a way I wish I knew how to do just because, when not beaten to death like in CA, it looks cool – and the “where the hell are their noses” thing, it’s not bad. As far as writing goes, it’s hit and miss. But so’s “The Flintstones”, and she hasn’t seen fit to blow a gasket over that.

    This chick should be overjoyed that Chugworth Academy exists: it and comics like it give her an excuse to launch into an hysterical screed that says far more about her than about any comic she deems it necessary to erratically dribble on about. It provides a stage on which to howl her “look I’m so Politically Correct” diatribes about how This is wrong and That is wrong and then, 1100 words (!!) later, say she’s not a prude and doesn’t hate sex. Gee, babe, why would anyone think that? Because your delivery parallels that of about 500 ex-wives with PMS?

    If Gloria Steinem and Valerie Solanis ever had a child (with Keith Olberman’s sperm, if it even exists), she’d be this one: a typical “empowered female” misandrist BORE with a big mouth. (And probably gets a vein in her forehead when referred to as “chick” or “babe”.)

    Another thing: I find that people who scream long and loud about those who engage in racial stereotypes do so in order to shield themselves from scrutiny about THEIR own views. Like SHE’s never laughed at an episode of “South Park” before.

  2. huxley sezzzzz:

    Man … wft … I mean seriously wtf …

    Would you mind dumping that below the fold, I’d hate to have to look at that each time I check for Moose River, please?

  3. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    HUXLEY: Yeah, no problem. I wasn’t thinking by not hiding such a NSFW image. I fixed it.

  4. SilverMelee sezzzzz:


    Even though it’s censored, I still can’t look at this without feeling naseous.

  5. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    Well I gotta admit that Chugworth has some pretty hot looking girls in it. But to me that’s its only value… if you can call “hot girls” a “value”. … You kinda lost me with the rest of what you said. Were you criticizing the review of Chugworth, the reviewer, or Chugworth itself?

    Yeah well, that’s why I wanted to share it with everyone. It just makes me feel better as an artist for not engaging in these kinds of fetishes… namely gore fetishes AND posting them online for others to see. I mean, we all have our little things like that (well, maybe not GORE per se), but it takes a certain kind of egotist to want to post their “little things” online for the entire world to see.

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