Nope, no s**tting.

Alrighty then, this is the first new comic in a month! And it’s on a Friday too, like I said! The next one will be up Monday. Then Friday, and so on. Finally, a set schedule! I can live with this easily.

Ah and once again this is a comic that I had posted previously but had taken down. It’s back up, albiet with one slight change: the last frame was from the next page to replace the original last frame, since the original last frame revealed too much about shit. Oh, and the text is new too. Blah blah blah blah blah.

As I mentioned, this page was a part of a set of pages that I had originally removed from the main series. Some of those pages that were removed actually were reintroduced into the main series, this page and a few before it were some of those pages. The next page in the main series is actually a new page, however you can read the next page of what was removed, as well as the rest of the removed pages, by clicking here.

7 Responses to “Nope, no s**tting.”

  1. Jason Wallace Says:

    Yay, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Roscoe Says:


  3. Sadgirl Says:

    Finally! Homegirl over here was gettin’ ancy. Very nice by the way.

  4. mayor of moose river Says:

    JASON: And I look forward to writing more now! :)

    ROSCOE: You fans, you’re win for me! (^_^)

    SADGIRL: Yeah, I was going through some major pages withdrawals too. I think I have one more page that uses previously released content, then two more pages after that will wrap up Chapter 4. Chapter 5 will start to get into more juicy details of that which I’ve started to reveal in Chapter 4…. starting with Betty.

  5. Tom Says:


  6. DJ Says:

    finally! ever since i found MR ive been reading and reading, and then got kinda bummed out taht the one comic was up forever and there were no updates, but now all is well again!

  7. mayor of moose river Says:

    DJ: Yeah, just so you know, I tend to not make updates for extended periods of time like that a lot for various reason every once in a while. However, I’m done doing it this time around, so updates will start coming in on a regular basis! :)

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