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It’s a post on the Moose River blog bjournal.

New Years 2011 Resolution!

Bjournal Post: January 1st, 2011

What’s my New Years Resolution for 2011? To work on new comics again! I think whatever lump in my throat that made me NOT want to work on new pages has disappeared, and now I REALLLLLYYYY want to make new pages. But will I be able to finish three chapters (and thus the entire book) […]

Another Post In So Little Time?!

Bjournal Post: December 14th, 2010

Your eyes dost not decieve you! You are reading ANOTHER post from me! Huzzah! So here’s what this one is about… First off, apparently there’s something wrong with the commenting thingy. I’ll try to get that fixed. Secondly, I’m looking to work on ANOTHER minicomic, MOOSE RIVER RETAILS, which will be the book I work […]

I’m not dead! I’m just… Pining for the Fjords!

Bjournal Post: December 4th, 2010

I swear to you guys that I’m not dead. In fact, I wat to say that I love you ALL! Also, even if I’m not making new Moose River pagers, it’s still not dead to me… I chose “writing” as my career choice and “comics” as my means… I even did a presentation in my […]

New Updates!

Bjournal Post: May 14th, 2010

Blargh! Once you think you’re out of the game, the game pulls you back in! That’s what you get for playing Monopoly! Anyways, so here’s a little update on my situation: Fret not, I haven’t given up of Moose River, not by a long shot. This world I’ve created is far from being dead, as […]

Aw Shit, I Missed FanimeCon!… and Some Other Things

Bjournal Post: May 27th, 2009

FANIMECON: Motherfucker! I thought FanimeCon was gonna be this upcoming weekend, but it turned out to be this last weekend! I totally missed it alltogether, and I lost the $40 I spent on a table! Fucknuts! … Well, I was kinda getting tired and burnt out of doing cons anyways, so I’m not too pissed […]

Life, Don’t Talk To Me About Life; or, Don’t Panic!

Bjournal Post: May 21st, 2009

Two lines from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy seemed quite appropriate here. I haven’t forgotten about this site, and this time it’s not a case of writer’s block. Life just keeps getting in the way. Between my shed and part of my house catching on FIRE and destroying between 75-95% of my personal effects (notes, […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Bjournal Post: April 2nd, 2009

Ok, so the three pages that sort of establish some other parts within the chapter have been taken care of. I think all that needs to be said about Betty and Jorge’s current relationship has been said. The next part of the story will involve Emo. I’m really really REALLY excited about working on this […]

Still Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things

Bjournal Post: March 17th, 2009

I’m still alive! I just finished studying for a midterm, which was today. With that out of the way, and because I have spring break coming up, I think I can finally start cracking on new pages. I finally attained some of the freedom I require to work on new pages. But best of all, […]

Updates Soon! (Hopefully!)

Bjournal Post: March 14th, 2009

God I suck at this. But remember how I was gonna get some help with my little writer’s block problem on Friday? Well I got the help I need, so soon I should be getting the ball rolling on new comics! … Just as soon as I finish some homework. I have some teachers who […]

How Goes It?

Bjournal Post: March 11th, 2009

Howdy, long time no see! 🙂 Ok so as you have noticed, I haven’t updated in some time. Well I’ve been having the most severe case of writer’s block that I’ve ever experienced. Right now I’m at a standstill with my writing and I just cannot move forward. Time has not been on my side […]

Moose River Mobile Site

Bjournal Post: January 30th, 2009

Sometime soon I’m gonna compile a version of the site that is best formatted for mobile phones. I’ve already converted pages of Moose River for small, 300×300 screens as well as iPhone’s and Google G1’s 480×320 screen. I think it’ll help make my comic a bit more accessable to more people. I am still trying […]

Updates Finished… For Now

Bjournal Post: January 25th, 2009

OK, as far as I’m aware, all of page conversions have been made, so now my entire archives are in a 3w by 2h format versus the previous 2w by 3h format. This will make it easier to read the entire page on computer screens without having to scroll much. Now although I’m finished with […]

What Is Reality?

Bjournal Post: January 9th, 2009

Writing reality means not denying the existence of something, even if you don’t necessarily discuss it at all. Batman The Animated Series and My Little Pony are both kids cartoons. But what makes Batman better than My Little Pony? It doesn’t deny the fact that people can be cruel and evil (like, Hitler Evil, not […]

Two Things

Bjournal Post: January 3rd, 2009

ONE: OK so new comics will be put on hold (like that’s any surprise, huh?), but for a good reason. I’m going through the archives (yet again), only this time to convert pages from a 2×3 format to a 3×2 format. This is mostly just to make them look a little easier to read as […]

Profanity Away!

Bjournal Post: December 27th, 2008

OK, so I went into WordPress and monkeyed around in there… now these main posts have been tweaked such that I can’t physically swear anymore. Well, kinda. I mean, I disabled two words, F-bombs and the S-word, two words I use very frequently. From now on, any time I type those words in my posts, […]

Profanity versus Professionalism

Bjournal Post: December 22nd, 2008

Now that school’s out, I’m actually gonna embark on another little thing for this site. As it turns out one of my coworkers works as a promoter (or something along those lines) and has all sorts of ties with famous people. He found out I did comics after printing pages of it at work and […]

Stuff and Things!

Bjournal Post: December 20th, 2008

Super Mega Comics is like the guy version of Wiki’s Lessons In Life. Or is it that Wiki’s Lessons In Life is the girl version of Super Mega Comics. I’m almost tempted to using my superior skills in style emulation to convert some Super Mega comics into Wiki’s Lessons comics and vice versa….! I’m finished […]

Better Than Pretty Pictures

Bjournal Post: December 2nd, 2008

First off, I’m sorry for not posting a page. I have one in the pipeline but for some reason I keep getting sidetracked. Maybe I can get it done tonight? I’ve always been somewhat critical of “pretty pictures”. That is to say, “pretty pictures” to me is artwork which has no purpose, no function, no […]

Well that was weird.

Bjournal Post: November 23rd, 2008

Sorry ’bout the downtime there. Looks like I forgot to pay the webhosting bill. But I got that all paid up, and so we’re back up. Oh and I think I’m pretty much done with being rested after APE and working on three pages a week for like two months straight. So uh… sometime soon […]


Bjournal Post: November 4th, 2008

This is the most important election of this generation. I don’t care who you vote for since both front runners are guys I like. But it’s important that you vote, if only for its own sake! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GO OUT AND VOTE TODAY!

APE 2008!

Bjournal Post: November 2nd, 2008

Not too bad this year, though Sunday was a bit slower than Saturday (which is weird as it’s usually the other way around). Some notes and observations: * Shout out to my Cute Overload fan; I didn’t catch your name! I hope you managed to get home alright on Saturday! Thanks again for your fan…ingness! […]

APE Update

Bjournal Post: November 2nd, 2008

Hello to everyone who just found out about my wittle ol’ comic! I hope you enjoy(ed) it! (^_^) As for how I’ve done so far… well, so far, so good! I made more this Saturday than I did the Saturday of APE2007, which in turn made more than the Saturday of APE2006. I even sold […]

Last Two Comics Will Be Up Soon…

Bjournal Post: October 26th, 2008

…sorry for not posting them sooner though. I’ve been a bit sleep and energy deprived lately. Plus it was my birthday on the 20th, so I’ve been somewhat more focused on birthday related events. Furthermore my dog, Kuddy, got put to sleep a few days ago, which really didn’t make me want to work on […]

OhNoRobot! Comic Searching

Bjournal Post: October 20th, 2008

I totally forgot I had signed up for this OhNoRobot comic search engine thing a long time ago (I’m comic #152 out of 1269 registered with OhNoRobot). The premise of it people like you and me can transcribe each comic in my archive and in turn search OhNoRobot for any of my pages that have […]

Conservative Artists versus Liberal Artists

Bjournal Post: October 17th, 2008

BUT FIRST, A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS: Oops! Sorry about missing the comic on Friday. I’m gonna take care of it on Saturday and try to post it as soon as possible. I expect that Monday and Wednesday’s comics, the last two, should appear on the site on time. And just as a general reminder […]

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