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OhNoRobot! Comic Searching

October 20th, 2008

I totally forgot I had signed up for this OhNoRobot comic search engine thing a long time ago (I’m comic #152 out of 1269 registered with OhNoRobot). The premise of it people like you and me can transcribe each comic in my archive and in turn search OhNoRobot for any of my pages that have whatever you’re searching for. A nifty idea, huh?

Well below each comic page in the sidebar is a link that says “TRANSCRIBE THIS COMIC” for any comic that hasn’t already been transcribed. Currently it’s my entire archive, save for the last few pages. If you want, y’all can give me a hand and start transcribing pages for me! It’s really easy, just click on the link and start typing what the comics say. My only real request is for you guys to type the dialogue EXACTLY as it appears, misspellings and all. Oh, and despite the fact that I use all-caps for my typing, transcribe the comic using lowercase lettering… y’know, just like how normal writing is.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about; this is the transcription for this page.

ANNE: Mmm… Oh… No… No…
THAD: Ugn ugn… that this you drunk slut…
SFX (aside Thad’s butt): [pump pump]

[shot of Navy, Thad, Emo, Claire, Avery, and Evelyn standing outside the Yeti Skydive Lodge after the concert ended]

THAD: Oh man, that was an amazing show!
EMO: Yah, I underestimated how great they would sound love!
AVERY: Totally bro! Best fukkin’ concert of the year.

THAD: So… where’s everyone headin’ off to tonight? Wanna get some food at Red’s Diner?
AVERY: Not really… I gotta work at 9am tomorrow morning and I gotta take Evelyn back to her place too…

EMO: Ditto… I’m ready to just call it a night. I don’t wanna risk ending this night on anything less than the sheer eargasm that this concert was…

THAD: OK well… I guess I’ll just see you guys later then!
EMO: Totally!
AVERY: Adios amigos!
[Thad, Emo and Avery are shaking each others hands]

I don’t think that’s too hard to do, is it? The beauty of it too is that when someone already transcribed a page, the “TRANSCRIBE THIS PAGE” link disappears. Nifty, huh? Anyways, any help you can throw my way will be greatly appreciated… if anything it’s just one more way to get people to read Moose River. 😉

One Response to “OhNoRobot! Comic Searching”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Eee! Dibs on the “fap fap” “Skeet skeet”s! 😀

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