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Uh… hello again!

March 19th, 2023

Hello friends, welcome back. Uh… sorry for disappearing! But the site is back up. The comic may be “old” but I still think it’s a good read!

So what the heck happened?! Well my copy of WordPress was grossly out of date, and when my server auto-updated its version of PHP, it knocked the site out. And since I’ve been focused primarily on maintaining my Pokémon website, this site kinda fell by the wayside. But lemme fill you in on what I’ve been up to lately!

Back in 2019 I had this awakening moment where I was suddenly thrust into this creative spell where I simply could NOT stop doing art. I was compelled to write new Moose River stories as well as finish off some random one-shots I wrote. But after a few months of that… I later decided that my artistic energies were better spent on rebuilding my Pokémon website, Pokémon Aaah!, which honestly was the better decision. That site is getting between 50-150 hits a day (depending on how the Google algorithm wishes to bless my efforts), which is still waaaay more than Moose River ever got on a regular basis. Sorry, I gotta go where the money’s at! In the mean time, that’s when the Moose River website went down and I simply didn’t have the energy to bring it back up.

Around this time the whole human malware thing happened, which basically made me unemployed… so at least I was able to get some unemployment assistance to ride me out from the pandemic. Also around this time my parents had retired, sold my childhood house in Daly City and were planning to move to Sacramento… so I decided to say fuck it and tagged along. Honestly unemployment does a pretty good job of limiting your choices in life, but whatever, I ain’t gonna complain about free rent. This worked out because I managed to get a new full time job in 2021 at Prestwood IT Solutions… and so I’ve just been spending my time trying to dig my ass out of debt and eventually get a home of my own and all that.

INCIDENTALLY! A couple weeks ago I once again had another artistic kick-in-the-ass where I felt compelled to draw more Moose River comics… but with the site down, I’ve been posting them all in my Instagram account. Like last time, I’ve been trying my best to keep this spark alive… but last time the spark disappeared due to … personal matters which are no longer an issue right now (at least not in the same way). I’ve actually been more productive, artistically, than last time. It inspired me to actually write up a script for a new story (“Emo Discovered AI Chat”)… but you all should know me by now that I’m TERRIBLE at keeping a schedule, so I’m just gonna see what happens.

“Moose River VR” won’t be a thing, sadly… doing “VR comics” is much more complicated than I care to explore, and now that I’m working full time, my actual ability to produce artwork is extremely limited. So I’m gonna stick with doing whatever random art I can do until I feel confident to pull off a new story from scratch. Likewise I’m not gonna bother with any significant social media postings outside of Instagram. Pokémon Aaah! will remain my primary artistic bread-and-butter, but I’ll indulge on new Moose River posts now and again.

In that case, over the next few days or so, I’m gonna repost the art and comics I shared on my Instagram… I’m still gonna make that my primary location for new artwork, but I’ll still post them here. Maybe I’ll post even more saucier versions here??

Anyways, this site is still here, and is here to stay (if I have anything to say about it). I am grateful for your continued interest and support after nearly 20 years of reading about these characters and learning more about their lives. I love them and I hope to never see them die.

NOTE: I’m glad I still have all my original files for these pages… cuz like, I’m reading it again and while it all still holds up today, SOME of the language is a bit off. Basically I need to update them to be a bit more subtle and/or less “laying it on too thick”.

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