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Tahtghts und Rebbehlyashuns

October 4th, 2008

UNE: I have seven page left on Chapter Six. After those pages are completed, I will postpone comicmaking until after the Alternative Press Expo in order to focus on rebooting the format of my booth.

DEUX: I love shitdisturbing for the sake of it, as well as to challenge people’s minds to either question their beliefs or strengthen them. My artwork in turn are vehicles for my shitdisturbing, and I plan on working on a major one soon.

TROIS: I’m really tempted to NOT sell t-shirts at my con booths, just because that’s what everyone else does.

Well the upside to my current comicking situation is that I only have seven pages left until the end of the chapter. I think I can sum everything up in those seven pages. That also shouldn’t take me much time to complete either. However, with those seven pages done, I don’t think I’ll get back to working on new pages, particularly the start of Chapter Seven, until at least after the Alternative Press Expo (which is on the weekend of November 1st and 2nd) is done and over with. Mostly because I’ll be busy with getting other junk together for the booth. Lots of my energy is going to be put into rebooting the format of my booth, after considering how poorly I did at SacAnime back in January and this past FanimeCon. With the release of Book Two and other major changes, I think it’ll be what I need to get back the energy I had during the ever-so-successful FanimeCon 2007.

I’ve always considered myself to be a shitdisturber, akin to the cast and krew of MTV’s Jackass. But I’m less of a physical shitdisturber as much as I like to fancy myself as a subtle, mental shitdisturber. Many times I act against the flow of things just for the sake of it, or just to get a reaction. I registered myself Republican specifically to revolt against the original counterculture revolutionists of San Francisco and the Internet. I started doing drugs just to play around with those who remember me as being so ferociously anti-drug during high school. I’ll constantly play the Devil’s Advocate whenever it’s appropriate… or even inappropriate if it needs to be.

The point of all this is two-fold. Part of it is because I don’t want people to think they have a handle on me. Maybe less so with my close friends and family, but even they aren’t absolutely free from me showing how their ideas of who I am is probably totally wrong. Just when they think they’ve got me sorted out, I switch things up on them. Maybe it’s because I just want to keep everyone on their toes; if people want to know me personally, they’d better keep up-to-date on my life and interests, considering how much I’ll switch up on them, otherwise their not-keeping-up-to-date on what I do and what I’m like is just a sign that I shouldn’t waste my time with them.

Second of all, I don’t like the idea of people becoming complacent with their thoughts, ideas and beliefs. I think people need to continually challenge their minds, either to switch to a new belief that is better for them, or to strengthen the beliefs they currently have. But staying with their single, simplistic beliefs for a long time does not fly with me.

In the end, the overreaching reason for my actions is just to fuck with people’s minds. Partly just to fuck with it in-of-itself, but also to just get their gears grinding and keep them grinding

My art projects tend to be the vehicle of my shitdisturbing. With Moose River, for example, I’ve tried my best in my maiden voyage to challenge the core conventions of writing, particularly that of comics and webcomics. I don’t think there is another (web)comic out there that not only has heroin-addicted characters, but also shows them in a non-negative light. My further comic projects will also be projects which challenge the foundation of comicmaking to a particular degree.

One of the major shitdisturbing projects I’d love to work on is something more akin to something like Fahrenheit 9/11, An Inconvenient Truth and Zeitgeist; “Documentaries” which challenge the Status Quo. These three films aren’t really on my top faves list, though not so much because I agree or disagree with their subject matter (for example, I believe global warming is happening and we’re not really doing much to help things). No, it’s more because of the people who watch these movies; in trying to show how much more intelligent they are than the “sheep-ple” who blindly accept what they Government tells them, these people watch these movies and blindly accept what they are being told in them. Now I’d like to think that they, after watching the movie, actively seek out more information, particularly from sources that include people against the positions of those films, but I doubt it. Just because these kinds of people are “intelligent” enough to not accept as fact what the Government tells them, it still doesn’t mean they don’t blindly accept as fact other information that comes from sources that they agree with.

But even though those other films would be inspirations for how to execute my shitdisturbing project, the real inspiration for the idea itself would be The DaVinchi Code. See, my project would be a documentary that uncovers a major government conspiracy which really doesn’t exist. Of course, I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t really exist, for only I would have that exclusive knowledge. The movie itself would give no clues or hints to its inauthenticy; as far as the view is aware, this movie would be about a real thing from start to finish. Right now I think I’m going to do it about the corn industry, considering how much government subsidies they get. But whatever topic I do choose, the point of “exposing” it, and the basis for its legitimacy, would be that the REAL conspiracies are ones they public doesn’t know about; if the US Government is powerful enough to execute September Eleventh itself, then it certainly would have the power to suppress all knowledge about this massive conspiracy. Furthermore, I would try my best to make the film very convincing; which wouldn’t be very hard to pull off considering how easy it is to get someone to say “I was there” or “my brother works for the CIA” and make it sound like they mean it. The purpose of this, in the end, is to see how many people out there would accept this movie at face value and NOT do any subsequent research on the matter. I think that if enough seeds are planted, especially if I give the film a far-left liberal anti-Government slant, then it’ll really get something big started, and my hunger for shitdisturbing will be satisfied.

I’m really tempted to NOT sell t-shirts at my con booths, just because that’s what everyone else does.

2 Responses to “Tahtghts und Rebbehlyashuns”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Oh, rapture. Just what the world needs: another movie that fosters paranoia about an unprovable possibility instead of one that alerts people as to an observable, provable reality. You’ll win the Palme D’or fo sho.

    That is, until Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock decide they don’t need any more competition in that realm; Mike will sit on your chest while Morgan crams some of those french fries he’s always trying to get outlawed down your throat. IF you’re lucky it’ll only be french fries; this IS Spurlock we’re talking about…

    Myself, I’ll settle for seeing what Anne & Shea do to the guy who’s dumping Roofies in Anne’s drink.

    PS – You have T-shirts?

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