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Why Do You Like Moose River?

May 25th, 2008

I’ve always had something of a hard time trying to sell Moose River at conventions. Largely because Moose River really isn’t something that I feel can be adequately advertised. I mean, I’m sure Billy Mayes (from those “As Seen On TV” commercials) could get people to buy Moose River… he can get anyone to buy anything. But I ain’t no Billy Mayes. 🙁

Anyways, I know Moose River isn’t a poorly written story. Well, maybe not the best story in the world, but it’s certainly not as bad as a lot of shit out there in Internetland. So I know plenty of people at Cons who’ve never heard of Moose River will love it, they just don’t know it yet. My problem is trying to convince them that Moose River is worth their time. I’ve tried a lot of different catch phrases and hooks, like “do you like reading stories about real life?” or “do you like dark comedies?”… but those are questions that end up with “No” answers, and as soon as a customer says “No”, that’s it, Game Over. Even if they are the kind of person to like my story, I’ve already lost them.

So I wanna ask you guys… what is it about Moose River that keeps you coming back? Relatable characters? Just a great story overall? I wanna sort this out, because as soon as I know why you guys like it so much, I can use that to get other people into it as well. Tapping into what people love about reading sequential art can get me to use that knowledge to sell almost anything to them… including a lot of my old minis which are terribly out of date. 🙂

So seriously: Why do you like Moose River?

8 Responses to “Why Do You Like Moose River?”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Ummm. because I like dark comedies? Although I wouldn’t exactly call MR dark comedy anyway. It’s like Jeffrey Brown, except that I WOULD be caught dead reading MR as opposed to reading Jeffrey Brown. (The one exception being “Change-Bots”.) Hell, I dunno, I just like it.

    Dude, come to MOCCA in NY on the 7th & 8th; we New Yorkers are so gleefully stupid that we’ll buy anything. They’ll love you. I guarantee it.

  2. Brian sezzzzz:

    you hooked me with the minis i picked u at fanime last year, i love the dark humor. i’ve stuck around because i know people like the characters, and i want to know what is going to happen next. if you want a bit of advice, do some more minis as a bit of random filler, once or twice a month or whenever you need them. people like getting a chuckle at someone elses misfortunes, especially when you’re having your own bad day.

  3. Avery sezzzzz:

    Because Human tragedy is captivating. Every character is a train wreck and thats what makes it funny.

  4. David sezzzzz:

    A story in which real-world tragedies (drug abuse and interfamily problems) form the backdrop of simpler, yet resonant emotional conflicts within the characters; comparable to magic swords and wizards in fantasy representing archetypes or themes, except instead of orcs there’s crack. Something like that.

  5. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    TOM: I think Moose River is a dark comedy… I mean, at least I consider myself to be a dark comedian. Either way I’m glad you like it. 🙂

    BRIAN: I’ve been thinking about writing some new minicomics, largely just to freshen up my booth and sell something new for people who’ve caught me at a previous convention. And yes, good point about people loving to read about someone else’s misfortunes. Now the goal is to figure out how to use that as a selling point… in practice “do you like reading about other people’s misfortunes” isn’t a good selling point, especially when everyone else tells me “I have enough misfortunes in my own life, kthxbai”. 🙁

    AVERY: That’s why I like writing it so much… it makes me feel good that I’m either not them or that someone else out there knows what it’s like to be me. 😀

    DAVID: I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂

  6. savagesparrow sezzzzz:

    You could always relate it to other webcomics–say it’s like Something Positive (which in a vague sort of way it is…) or Devil’s Panties, or Templar or any of the other numerous slice-of-life style webcomics that are up thar on t3h Intarwebz. I’m guessing your audience would be guys in band t-shirts and girls dressed semi-gothy (as the really hardcore goth/raver chicks usually have no money since their outfits are so damn expensive). Chances are those people are the ones most likely to hear your speal (like how I find anyone in a Megatokyo shirt will be willing to listen to mine XD ) And try doing more small press-style comic conventions–MOCCA would probably be a great fit for you since Moose River’s so original and category-defying.

  7. Ace sezzzzz:

    Yes, i know, i’m late…here to give my petty oppinion…once agen. Aaaanyway, on one hand i’m probably not the guy to ask since i read MR when everyone elseis asleep and cant do anything else. but i DO love MR, in some ways its becuse i feel related to some of the peaple (not that will help much) so here, try (at con’s) printing 2-3 pages and then just hand em’ out. and on that subgect, where can i buy

  8. Ace sezzzzz:

    sorry, ran out of space. Where can i buy a colection? in some ways i’m hesatent to buy one becuse the story contenues… and i think you shoud change the sub-header to “updated regulerly” (pardon my spelling)

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