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Just A Thought

February 9th, 2008

I’ve always been offended by the idea that, in order to “be able” to enjoy music or comics or whatever, you have to listen to this band, be a part of this group or read that comic or whatever.

So I don’t read shit like Achewood. Am I supposed to in order to have my opinions on comics legitimized?

3 Responses to “Just A Thought”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Fuckno! Actually, I completely avoid ANYthing The Comics Journal recommends for that very reason…

    I just looked at Achewood for the 1st time and found it tiresome. Who is it that said that this particular strip was the be-all & end-all of (ahem) “indie comic” chic?

  2. huxley sezzzzz:

    Achewood is an acquired taste, some storylines are quite good but I can see how someone could hate it … “it’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans”

  3. Ace sezzzzz:


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