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New Comic On Friday!

January 9th, 2008

So I think I’ve finally overcome that debilitating depression I’ve been dealing with since July which had intensified over the past two months. I think. Maybe I’m still depressed and I just happen to have hit the proverbial “eye of the storm”. Either way, it has subsided for long enough to allow me to regain some lost energy and motivation which then allowed me to finally actually WANT to work on some new pages. Isn’t that grand??

The first new page in over two months will be up this Friday. 100% guaranteed! And this time I’m super serial serious about this guarantee, unlike all the other times I guaranteed a page to appear but never posted it. 🙂 Now ideally I hope to have new pages up every Monday and Friday from here on out. I do have at least this month’s worth of comics already to be scanned and edited. But that’ll only happen provided things continue to go good for me like they have been this past two weeks or so. Lord only knows if I end up falling back into another depression or period of uncaring inactivity and therefore postponing new pages from appearing for another two months. I sure the hell hope that doesn’t happen and that I’ve finally gotten over things. I can only hope.

Oh BTW, you might also notice that I removed the Filler pages. They haven’t been deleted! I just turned them from a Comic post to a News post, stored now in the Bjournal below. I’ll see if I can finish the How I Made Comic Page thingy too.

5 Responses to “New Comic On Friday!”

  1. Ace sezzzzz:

    Finaly, i check this everyday on a PSP do you have any idia how hard it is to type?

  2. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    ACE: Hey, I know you! And yes, I know how hard it is to type on a PSP. 🙂

  3. Ace sezzzzz:

    Rely? i found this on google. Anyway keep up the good work. (so hard to type)

  4. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    ACE: Oops, I actually mistook you for someone else with a screen name similar to yours. His was “Ace of Blades”. Sorry! 🙂

  5. Ace sezzzzz:

    Ok, no problem.

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