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Comic Ideas

August 25th, 2007

Right now I’m nursing a healthy opiate withdrawal, so I feel like absolute shit and I don’t feel like doing anything. Watching American Splendor is making me feel a bit better, though.

Anyways, a few new comic ideas have popped up in my head over the past few weeks, stuff I’d love to spend a few one-shots on later on down the road.

* A manga version of WW2 Japanese war crimes, only this time characters are replaced with anime school girls, kaiju monsters and other Japanese pop-culture creations. Example: Kempeitai (the Japanese equivilent of the SS) are made up Super Sentai members.
* And just to be fair, stories of the Iraq deal done up in Sgt. Rock/Sgt. Fury style.
* A story about the offline lives of Irish internet nerds entitled IRL.

6 Responses to “Comic Ideas”

  1. Tom sezzzzz:

    Winners, all. Nothing makes good comics reading like having beloved children’s show characters engaging in violent acts against one another. Funny as hell — at least until the lawyers get involved.

    Ooh, here’s one! All the Japanese could look like cats and the oppressed Koreans, etc could all be mice. Call it “Mousu-Kun” or something. Totally original. Just thought of it. 😀

  2. smerwin sezzzzz:

    In my town, there’s always a bunch of cars driving around with little white oval IRL bumper stickers, and on my slow days, my first thought—still—is “wtf are they doing with an ‘in real life’ sticker?”

  3. mayor of moose river sezzzzz:

    TOM: Lawyers? I fart in their general direction! Parodies are covered under fair use. :3 As for Mousu-Kun, that’s too close to Maus for me; I’ll leave that idea for Mr. Spiegelman to do. 😉

    SMERWIN: I’m guilty of thinking about that too (where else do you think I got the idea?). 😀

  4. Tom sezzzzz:

    “The nature of the relationship between Korea, Japan and China isn’t really as clear cut as Cat-and-Mouse.”

    I know. I just wanted to use the very-obvious “Maus” reference in some context. This is comedy. “Take a very basic albeit flawed premise and run with it” comedy. If it’s good enough for Seth McFarlane, it’s good enough for me. I defer to your knowledge of the specifics. Remember, this is the US, where high school kids — myself included, once upon a time — are taught far more about what the Germans did in WWII than what the Japanese did (except, perhaps, attack Hawaii and become extra crispy).

    (Side note: if you hurry, there’s a pretty fair “Pokemon” parody to be found in the whole Michael Vick thing as well. “Catch ’em! Train’ em! Battle ’em!” “Welsh Corgi, I choose you!” :D)

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