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Magic Surprise + Update Schedule

August 8th, 2007

( via MySpace )

I heard some of these guys’ music playing on someone’s page and checked them out. They are definitely the band of the week, and it’s only Wednesday!

I’ve also determined that new pages will be up on Mondays and Fridays (that’s twice a week). Just as soon as I can get this site reorganized, that is.

EDIT: And in other news, I squeezed out 56 archive revisions today. Other than that, I’m totally out of energy to do jack shit. I honestly haven’t been really feeling myself over the past few weeks, not since I’ve came back from Otakon, at least. I’ve had a lot of heavy shit happen to me, ones largely self-inflicted which may or may not have been a good idea.

Overall, I just haven’t been feeling very motivated or energized, but I think my current slump is directly linked to my lack of productivity. That is to say, if I don’t keep myself busy working towards a goal and just spend all my time feeling bad for myself (or worse, playing video games), then I’m gonna feel like shit. I haven’t been productive because I’ve been sick, and I’ve been sick because I haven’t been productive. Such a vicious cycle. Now I’m glad I have this sense in me, but I really ought to force myself to do shit versus just going around saying “boy I’m glad I have this sense in me.”

In any case, what I’m going through right now is totally making for some good stories for later on down the road. I won’t say what it’ll be about or when I’ll write it, but I will write about it and it’ll be 100% truth.

One Response to “Magic Surprise + Update Schedule”

  1. Sadgirl sezzzzz:

    Ease up man! I hope you regain motivation and energy soon cause friday is just a day away and Sadgirl needs her funny pages. I hope your alright.

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