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Revisions Slowly Making Their Way Online…

April 15th, 2007

( Starting with page 6… )

The hardest part is over, now somes the page-by-page finalization process. You might also notice some dialogue revisions…. some of what people have to say kinda annoyed me, so they’re being rewritten. I’m gonna try to do as many as I can over the past week, but I’ve also got a midterm this week that I really have to worry about.

I also need to prepare for THE ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO, which is this weekend! (check out last year’s pictures…) This means I’m gonna be spending a lot of time getting new shit done for the booth, which was basically all the junk I figured I needed to do since WonderCon.

Is anyone even listening to me?

8 Responses to “Revisions Slowly Making Their Way Online…”

  1. Jamie sezzzzz:

    I check out this page a lot. I miss mooseriver updates. D: But I know it’ll come back soon.

  2. huxley sezzzzz:

    I thought you were still on hiatus … I’ll check out the revisions!

  3. mayorofmooseriver sezzzzz:

    Jamie: I miss new updates too! But I must get these revisions done or else I’m never gonna have any peace of mind about the comic…

    huxley: No, I’m just on hiatus for new pages. I’m working hard on getting the entire archive updated to half-way-decency!

  4. Roscoe sezzzzz:

    Still stickin with ya. 😉

  5. Maniac M! sezzzzz:

    Im growing cobwebs waiting for new material.

    but you do good work, so no rush!

  6. mayorofmooseriver sezzzzz:

    Fret not, citizens! I aim to get revisions done before FanimeCon 2007 (which is in May), so new pages should be up by then.

  7. huxley sezzzzz:

    Started from the beginning again and the changes are definitely well-worth the effort a lot of elements and subplots are much clearer. I’m interested to see how you restructure some of the previous storylines or if they get dropped (no need to let me know, seeing how it plays out is part of the fun)


  8. mayorofmooseriver sezzzzz:

    I’ve always felt that there exists this sort of unwritten law with webcomics concerning the untouchability of ones own archives; no artist wants to nor will the fans allow them to go all George Lucas with their past work. Whether or not that unwritten law actually exists, I chose to not let that “rule” or any others hold me back from telling my story the way I want to. If I need to get all George Lucasy with my archives or break any other “rule” about webcomics, then I will, and I don’t want it to come to a surprize to anyone.

    In answer to your inquiry, nothing’s gonna get dropped, I’ll tell you that much. At best, certain concepts will be changed or rewritten away from the original text. However, the revisions are mostly just to:
    1. Do a basic artistic clean up (erase bad lines and the little random dots that show up and look bad in the print version)
    2. Convert the originally handwritten text into editable typed text, conveinent for if/when I need to do another revision sometime down the road. I’m still so very glad I made that font of my own handwriting!
    3. Tighten up the dialogue a bit, mostly to take into account stuff I didn’t think of when I originally wrote the page.

    Essentially it’s just to make it all look just a bit more nicer and that much more easier on the eyes, particularlly when I finally get it into a book. 🙂

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