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WonderCon 2007

March 5th, 2007

I’ll save you guys from a deep introspective review of the event and just run down some of the really basic details.

1. SALES STATISTICS (in terms of how many minis I sold):

Wizard World Chicago 2006

WonderCon 2007













Overall, I sold more at WonderCon (WC) than at Wizard World Chicago (WWC), despite selling less on Saturday at WC. On the other hand, I made less money this time, mostly because of various mark-downs I made on my comics in an effort to just get rid of them. I’m also running out of Moose River Deluxe, which means after APE I probably should make some new copies. I also sold out of Moose River Regular #1 (or at least, I had no more copies with me at the convention). That made me feel spechul. :3

2. We had a end/corner booth this time, after having traded booth with someone who wanted a booth next to her boyfriend. At first I thought that we were being screwed out of a sweet location, but after having met our booth neighbors for the weekend, I guess the tradeoff wasn’t that bad. Anyways, our booth neighbors were:
Alberto Melendez and Jamie Olson. Alberto was a pretty awesome dude; we quickly got along with him. They do the California comic convention circuit often, so we’ll be running into them often in the future.
Lord Mesa shared booths with Alberto… this was his first convention, but his pictures of baby Darth Vader/Dr. Doom/Nightwing/etc were fairly popular. Him and his girlfriend were really friendly folks. 🙂 They too plan on doing the California comic convention circuit thing too. Interestingly enough, Lord Mesa also knew our APE booth neighbors, National Press Comics, so they were always coming by and saying hello. 😀
Justine Joli, another porn actress booth neighbor (second for me after Wizard World Chicago 2005‘s Dezza). She had the booth directly in front of us. She was pretty nice (nothing like a little eye candy to also take the edge off sitting at a booth for so long). Too bad for her there were too many creapy motherfuckers hanging around her booth thinking they were gonna get somethin’. There were two transgressors in particular; one was this guy with a camera who literally stood at the side of her booth for like two hours straight without taking a single picture, and the other was this country boy who spent most of the entire weekend hanging out at her booth (he also had a striking resemblance to Beaky Buzzard). The more interesting part about having a booth on the other side of her were all the guys coming by our booth saying something along the lines of “you guys have the best booth in the entire convention!” 🙂

3. Saturday was my lame day, but I made it up with Sunday; there were (relatively) a lot of people who were interested in my work which I had productive conversations with… as well as someone who actually knew of my comics FROM the interweb! Nifty!

4. These guys advertising SiliCon, a convention down in San José, came to our booth and said that we can have a table there for free (provided we email them about it soon after WonderCon). That’s enough to get me to get there! Having said that, I guess I’m gonna be doing five conventions this year!

5. I love all the guest stars to the booth! It was a pleasent surprise to see you guys (even if you can’t read this)!

6. So basically….
—- I think I did pretty good this time around, sales wise.
—- I need a flashier, eye candier booth next time.
—- I need to sell a graphic novel of some sort, at least before the year is over.
—- I’ve learned a lot and most certainly could use more learning.
—- I’m looking forward to APE 2007 next!

5 Responses to “WonderCon 2007”

  1. Jamie sezzzzz:

    :O a whole lot of comic’s went missing, but it’s okay. Navy is just such a tough character. to do anything with. so thinning out the Navy-centric story arc sounds like a good plan.

  2. mayorofmooseriver sezzzzz:

    Jamie: Yeah… the pages will reappear within the story as soon as I feel it’s appropriate, but they’ll be in purgatory until then. Like hell I’m gonna waste the last five months or so of work. 🙂

  3. Jamie sezzzzz:

    haha, well, this comic is great for a change of pace. i think i know who is coming to dinner. 😀

    can’t wait to see what comes up next.

  4. mayorofmooseriver sezzzzz:

    Jamie: Yep, I think I’ve done enough about Navy to last me for some time. I will say that, because now that Navy’s story is going to be spread out, I’ll throw her in a few more times… but no more focus on her. Or any character for that matter. The flow will be a bit more… Moose River’y; a few pages dedicated to one person, then a few on someone else… and so on until the end of the book.

    Oh, and I think I know who you think the guest will be, but… well, I’ll surprise you. 😉

  5. Jamie sezzzzz:

    thanks, id rather be surprised than told whats about to happen. 😀

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