SOON: Graduation! SOONER: Comics?

Time for my regular update in order to prove that I’m not dead!

So a couple of things have happened to me recently which have since motivated me to start work on new pages again…

1. I’m 97.2746% finished with school. Graduation is on the horizon! All I need to do is finish my internship and some other last remaining bits and bobs (like technically I’m still a Creative Writing major) and I’ll be finished! Yay!

The bonus part is that now I have a whole bunch of free time which has opened up which previoisly was spent on school but isn’t anymore. Will that free time be spent on new pages? We’ll see! :)

2. I was at FanimeCon 2011 this year, though not with a Moose River booth. My friend and sister-in-arms Jen (of Mystic Revolution fame) did have a booth, however, and I got to be her booth bitch. At the end of the con, I learned how much she made by selling her wares, which was about… well, let’s just say that she made about fifteen to thirty times the amount of cash that *I’VE* made at conventions. HOLY SHIIIIT!!!!

Now, ok, true, her wares had a higher price point than mine–for example, my Moose River books one and two are $10 and my minis are like $1-$3, versus her wares which are between $12-$20–but still… That’s a lot of dough, and I wouldn’t mind getting in on some of that! :D


So what does this mean for Moose River?

1. I have more time to spend on it… and,

2. The time I spend on it could mean another chance to make that paper! I GOTTA make that paper!

So… I’m more motivated than ever to work on Moose River. BUT, I have said that a lot in the past but narely shat out a single page. So, all I can do is just let the idea of MAD CASH GOTTA MAKE THAT PAPER PAPER fester in my head for a while longer and hopefully it’ll provide enough critical mass to finally implode and be the spark I need to start working on new pages. We can only hope…

…money money money! Mooooonnnnneeeyy! :D

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  1. SunshineDuk Says:


    Augh I must have walked past you half a dozen times. Oh my goodness. You should get a table next year! I would buy your things. :D


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