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June 5th, 2011

OK, so here’s some new little updates for you…

As you may have noticed, I hit something of a writers block concerning Chapter 7, which, among other things, was a reason for why I stopped writing. BUT, just like all my other ideas, my writers block suddenly flushed itself! Here’s the story:

Initially it was going to start with Emo digging through his stuff to figure out what he was going to bring with him on his move to Anne’s house. He first finds a book of Claire’s which had some written papers of her’s which made Emo all nostalgic, and then Emo’s mom comes out of nowhere and begins to start bitching to Emo for being a failure or something. I didn’t like that one bit, and felt that its pacing was just too slow and would have taken me forever to get to the “rest of the story”.

Next it was just going to fast forward to where Emo would be waiting outside of his house for Anne to pick him up to take him to Anne’s house, to where, in order to kill time, Emo looks through one of his old books and finds Claire’s written papers which would have made him nostalgia for her. But again I felt that THAT was just too boring and not written well, because it would have just started off with a shot of Emo’s house and him standing there. Plus, I couldn’t think of a good excuse for Emo to just start looking through his boxes and “discover” something like this, considering that he would have “discovered” those things when he was packing to begin with.

So without a good way to star this section of the story, I felt that I just couldn’t move forward. It wasn’t until I started singing in my car (and mumbling through the lyrics of the song I didn’t know) that I finally figured out what I needed to do to move the story forward!

What’ll happen is [SPOILER ALERT!!!] that instead of starting off with Emo, it’ll open with Anne in her car driving to pick Emo up… singing along with her music, but mumbling through the bits she doesn’t know. Which’ll be cute and fun and totally relatable, which is what Moose River is all about! Then after Anne picks up Emo, then he’ll act all… well, emo, to where Anne will be all “what’s up?” and Emo will be “check out what I found while packing” and will produce Claire’s written papers which I mentioned above. That’ll tie everything together, as well as in a well written and properly paced manner. Yay! [/END SPOILERS!!!]

…Well, it wasn’t much of a spoiler. But anyways…

With that out of the way, I can finally get moving on actually making pages now! YAAAYYY!!!!! I FEEL GOOD!!!!



Inspired by all the tshirts Jen has for her comic… and all the money she made with them… I’ve decided to change up my convention booth wares layout. Furthermore, my brother has been inspired by it as well and have conjured up some ideas as well. Thus, here is my con booth plans for 2012!

1. MOOSE RIVER COMICS – Duh. That’s the whole reason why I’m doing cons to begin with! But specifically, I’ll be having Moose River book 1 and 2, as well as my classic (aka shitty) minicomics. I’ll prolly also have chapter 1 in minicomic form (though I think I already have it) just as a cheap introduction to Moose River. Maybe even give them out for free if someone buys…

2. T-SHIRTS! – The other major money maker for my booth. I was Jen’s booth bitch at two separate occasions: in 2005 when she was a fairly fresh comicmaker at Wizard World Chicago, and last weekend at FanimeCon. The key difference between what Jen had at each con was that at FanimeCon she has more, well, BUYABLE stuff. Like t-shirts, which apparently EVERYONE can use, as opposed to posters and prints of artwork, which not many people could use on a regular basis (apart from spiffing up their walls in their room).

ANYWAYS… because of all the success Jen has selling t-shirts, I figure I would just bite the bullet and sell t-shirts at my booth as well. It’ll be a little more “merchandising” than I care to do, and I personally aren’t too keen on actually wearing those kinds of shirts (preferring just plain ol’ logo-free t-shirts)… BUT it doesn’t mean everyone else is like me! In fact, it turns out everyone else actually LOVES witty and/or awesome t-shirts, to the degree that they’ll easily drop $20 on a t-shirt with something super awesome and/or witty like the official Nyan/Poptart Cat shirt…. and that all works to my advantage!!

BUT the key here is to make shirts that are actually wearable. For example, until Moose River becomes SO popular that I can make a shirt with JUST Anne’s face on it, I can’t make shirts which are too specific. Instead, I need to make shirts which are a little more generic and/or famous… either making “technically parody” shirts

SOOOO…. the plan is to make an initial, “test the waters” batch of shirts (hopefully through the guys who do Jen’s shirts via a referral) o

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