Another Post In So Little Time?!

Your eyes dost not decieve you! You are reading ANOTHER post from me! Huzzah!

So here’s what this one is about…

First off, apparently there’s something wrong with the commenting thingy. I’ll try to get that fixed.

Secondly, I’m looking to work on ANOTHER minicomic, MOOSE RIVER RETAILS, which will be the book I work on after MOOSE RIVER. I got the idea that I should write minicomics to get the “feeling” of a book down before I actually make the book. Kinda like a pilot for a TV show. It’ll also gauge people’s opinion’s on the story and see what I’ll need to change for when I actually start work on the book.

So the two minis I wanna work on–Adventure Battlemon and Moose River Retails–will be what’ll be the foundation for the actual books. I may actually continue writing these mini-comics for some of my other ideas so I can at least have something to show for them later on, and at least have a foundation for when it comes time to turn those ideas into books.

I might just be onto something here….!

3 Responses to “Another Post In So Little Time?!”

  1. mayor of moose river Says:

    This is a test.

  2. mayor of moose river Says:

    Well, looks like the comments, if they didn’t work then, they work now. :)

  3. mayor of moose river Says:

    Another little test…

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