So are you

Here’s the half finished page, but I’ve been up for like 36 hours so I’m gonna hit the sack early tonite. Fortunately I don’t work Friday until the evening, so I should be able to finish this page when I wake up today. Mmm kay?

I was able to get this page finished before I expected I would have been able to. I also updated my method that converts my old 2×3 pages into the new 3×2 format much quicker and better. Nifty!

BTW, I will admit this page is a little wordy. If it’s too wordy for you guys, I’ll consider spreading out the text out across a second page.

The Yeti Skydive Lodge is based off the Bigfoot Lodge, of which there are two locations between San Francisco and Los Angeles. “Yeti Skydive” however is the nickname of my friend Dave… I tossed it in there as a fun little reference. :)

Oh and just so you know, Shea’s jope-induced lover is Shawn of Apes To Astronauts. I think she has a crush on ‘im!!!!!!

2 Responses to “So are you”

  1. Roscoe Says:

    I almost thought he was Avery. That makes sense too, though, I suppose. The spread is different, but it is interesting. It makes it look like the strip is longer and fleshier, if that makes any sense.

    It may be a touch on the wordy side, but doesn’t bother me, really.

    You’ve been giving Shea a lot of love in the development department. This is good stuff. :)

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