I was being a

Some of you guys might recognize a few things on this page. :)

OK I think that’ll be it for Chapter 4. Did you guys notice that it took me one year to work on it? Blah. But then again in all this time, I had to retool the chapter (having it be all about Navy really didn’t work as well as I planned), retool old pages, retool the site to use ComicPress, and then design a book. Finishing off Chapter 4 was just stuck in the middle of all this crap, but at least it’s all done and taken care of; chapter 5 should pass through with little problem now. Now I hope to start Chapter 5 Friday, but you guys know my track record for this kind of thing.

Oh also! Tomorrow is Moose River’s second anniversary! Yay! Part of me is somewhat upset, since in the beginning I wanted it have the whole nine chapters done by around this time. But now that I think about it, I’m actually fine with where I am right now. A lot of things have happened to me since starting this, and I think those experiences will help spice up Moose River in ways not having them wouldn’t. If you get what I mean. :3

3 Responses to “I was being a”

  1. Sadgirl Says:

    YAY!!!!Finally.This page has such sweet sentiment.I can’t mention enough how much I can relate to the plot of Moose River.I’ve spent the last couple months in this exact same conversation with all my friends.Sitting around talking about relationships and sharing a vast variety of differrant opinions both negative and positive.And getting absolutly nowhere with it!

  2. David Says:

    Sadgirl was right, that was a sentimental way to end it, and I too can relate. I guess even though I want to be like “what’s his face” who talks about getting fucked and not caring about girls feelings, I’m probably more like those two hopeless romantic losers(emo & thad) at the end. Good way to end Chapter 4! Keep up the kick-ass work!

  3. mayor of moose river Says:

    SADGIRL: I’m glad things are relatible. That’s all I want out of the comic!

    DAVID: Yeah I seem to be more like Emo and Thad about things, on the other hand, I do hear a voice in the back of my head that says nothing but what Avery has been saying. :)

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