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Moose River Book One

May 26th, 2007

Well, two days behind schedule and a glop of elbow grease later, the Moose River book is done! These are the first/only seven copies I have made up at present, hopefully I won’t sell out of them tomorrow at FanimeCon (I’m actually surprized to see the amount of interest people have had in the book). I still have eight copies that I’ve folded but haven’t sewn yet, but I’ll take care of that tomorrow. Hopefully I can get more copies folded and sewn once those other eight are done.

These copies will be on sale tomorrow for $10.

Incidentally, I’m now sold out of Moose River Deluxe! The guy who took the last copy will, interestingly enough, probably end up being the first guy to pick up a copy of the book. How fitting. :)

7 Responses to “Moose River Book One”

  1. Izzie Says:

    I saw you at fanimecon! I just went there to laugh at all the funny people but I’ve been reading the webcomic since then! Awsome stuff!

  2. Tom Says:

    Honest;y? I can’t tell what they’re doing (6/18/07) beyond the fact that it involves smoking…

  3. mayorofmooseriver Says:

    Tom: Yeah, that’s what I feared. I’m about to post a retcon page which clears things up a bit.

  4. Tom Says:

    “Durochipod”? How on Earth do you come up with these names?

    (reference to comment #1) I didn’t see you at MOCCA, which comes as no surprise as you said you weren’t going. I DID, however, laugh at at least SOME of the funny people; Evan Dorkin and John Holmstrom are laff riots. Cheers.

  5. Tom Says:

    Evan Dorkin: cartoonist. Writes & draws “Dork” and “Milk & Cheese”. A million laughs; I recommend them. Also had a TV pilot on Adult Swim called “Welcome To Eltingville” based on a series of his about four rabid sci-fi / comic fanboys. Should have been made an ongoing TV series, but life being what it is, appears to have been pushed aside in favor of crap like “12 Oz. Mouse” and “Tom Goes To The Mayor”. Oy.

    John Holmstrom: cartoonist. Also Editor/Publisher of Punk Magazine out of NYC. Draws the comic “Bosko” (about a punk rocker, NOT the stereotypical black kid from 1930′s Warner Bros cartoons). Also used to do comics decades ago for a Scholastic children’s magazine called “Bananas”. Nearly sh_t myself when I found out this guy and the guy who drew for said magazine when I was single-digits were one and the same. (Refrained from doing so, since I was wearing white shorts at the time, and you just KNOW someone would have noticed…)

  6. Brian Says:

    Yo, i bought your books at fanime and i’ve been reading the comic since.
    i was the guy with the Rockstar filled foam-dome and the Gamer shirt.

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