Revisions Nearly Complete….

( Alright, Chapter One is done. )

I managed to do nine of these “Step Two” revisions, and I have twenty seven to go. That means I can get the rest done in about three days (that is, three days worth of effort). Then I’ll be done, and then I can start working on new pages!

Of course, this is not without my little school-related caveats: I have several majorly important programming assignments due, the earliest of which is due in a week’s time. I’m gonna try my best to get the rest of these revisions done, but of course school comes first (which really sucks).

Fortunately though, summer is around the corner, and I plan on using my time wisely and getting a lot of comics done in that time, mostly to even make up for not making any new comics for nearly two months now. :( And for those keeping score, I’m planning on graduating soon… next semester (Fall 2007) is hopefully my last semester. It’ll at least be my last full-time semester, with me taking probably just one class during the Spring 2008 semester. [crosses fingers]

UPDATE: I finished nine more revisions today. I have eighteen left now! Soon it’ll be alllll over…. :)

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  1. Jamie Says:

    :D Wow. That’s awesome!

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