I once had

OK, here’s the deal. Wizard World Chicago is in two weeks time… which means for the next two weeks I’m gonna be busting my ass in getting my booth in awesome condition. I still plan on doing comics on a regular basis between then and now, but for AT LEAST two weeks between August 1st and August 14th, I’m not gonna be updating the site with any comics or whatnot. (It might be even a few days after the 14th before I can actually update regularly again.)

To which…. if anyone wants to give me guest comics to fill in two weeks worth of updates, then feel free to send me some! I’d love to have some fans (the twelve of you at least) fill in for me while I’m vacationing. :) I’ll be able to post them to the site, no problem… I’ll still have access to the internet, I just won’t be able to scan and edit comics while I’m away from my main computer.

Oh, even though Wizard World Chicago is only for three-ish days, my vacation time is two weeks because I’ma gonna be visiting friends and… more friends between Chicago and New York City. Whydoncha swing by my booth??

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