…twelve times.

You’re not seeing things, there IS a new comic today! And there will be one for the next many days, so keep your eyes pealed.

All that I’ve been doing so far is part of Part One. Part Two will begin fairly soon, after a rather interesting ending. There will be nine parts in all. At this rate, I suppose I’ll have all of Moose River Regular completed by the end of next year-ish.


Plippy (Nov 3, 2005, 15:17):
Not a bad idea, Vlad! … BTW, I like the jump cut I accidently did between the the last two frames. I think, should I turn Moose River Regular into a movie, it would sort of spice up the scene a bit. :)

Your name (Nov 3, 2005, 8:42):
*GLOCK* is a perfect sound effect! Can’t wait for *COLT* and *KALASHNIKOV* :D
-Vlad D.

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  1. Nia Says:

    :roll: Guns are gay.

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