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Moose River VR; The Details

June 29th, 2019


OK so here’s where I’m gonna describe in details what exactly I’d like to do with “Moose River VR”.

First off, given its name, it’s going to be a “virtual reality comic”. HOWEVER, since “VR comics” don’t actually seem to exist, I’m “forced” to make it up myself. Well, I wouldn’t consider myself “forced” to, it might actually be kinda fun to do. That said, because I have to invent the very concept, I think I’m gonna do some tests first before I actually start anything. And seeing as there is no easy way to post VR videos, I’ll probably use Facebook, YouTube and/or other 360 playback service. But to be fair to the audience, I’ll also make sure to make normal, non-VR versions of the comic. It won’t be AS fun to read, but at least it’ll be accessible.

Knowing this, what I’ll probably do is spend the next couple while just sketching stuff, getting my drawing mojo back in motion, etc. Because it has been literally ten years since I’ve done a comic. Never done a comic since then. Nope. Never. Not a single comic ever. So there is nothing to search for, cuz you’re not gonna find a single comic. Anyways, once I feel like I’m back in action, I’m gonna begin doing some tests. I know how to do cinematic virtual reality stuff, but when it comes to converting COMICS into VR… I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing solid. In between the sketching and tests, I’ll actually be working on the script themselves (more on that below), so that once I feel the tests are done, I can actually begin work on making “VR comics”.

Now as for WHAT “Moose River VR” will all be about… it’s obvious that I never finished Chapters 7 through 9 (and thus “Book 3” of Moose River). These would’ve been the final three chapters that would’ve wrapped up most of the threads covered in the previous two books, while intentionally leaving other threads loose, because simply that’s what “slice of life” literally means. However, those final three chapters never came, and so even the main threads I wanted to wrap up never were. Therefore, I want to use “Moose River VR” as a way to finish off Chapters 7 through 9… sorta. I’m not going to ACTUALLY finish them. However, elements from what I had planned for Ch7-9 will make their way into MRVR.

But if I’m not gonna finish off Ch7-9, then what exactly will I do? I’m hoping to produce Five Stories out of this, one for each of the five main characters, and their story will focus on them exclusively. I think this’ll keep things a bit more focused. So what will the stories about them actually be?? I think I can share some minor details with you, just to help build some hype (as if you’re not hyped enough, lol):

  • EMO — brand new story; it’ll cover Emo’s life a decade-ish-plus after the very last pages of Moose River. Life for him as been lame and boring, one could say he was merely surviving, not living, despite being “successful”. But one day, something gives Emo a swift kick in the ass, which might have woken him out of his stupor, but it also unseats old memories he thought he buried long ago.
  • ANNE — brand new story; a very VERY close friend from Anne’s past comes to town with his husband after being invited to participate in a local art show. Let’s just say he was her first big crush, infatuated even. However, he’s gay, and married. What Anne’s options? Does she avoid seeing him? Or maybe she can get him to change his mind. He did once before, when she got him to choose a Chicken sandwich over a Hamburger… so it could happen again!
  • AVERY — based on Ch7-9 notes; Avery’s friend Thaddeus was revealed to be the creep who was sending Anne creepy letters. Worse, Thad doesn’t seem to understand the Bro Code and what lines you don’t cross. But Thad is just too cool and funny and everyone else likes him…! How will Avery deal with such a Chessmaster manipulator?
  • SHEA — based on Ch7-9 notes, but will also involve new story elements; Shea’s new boyfriend doesn’t exist, because it’s heroin. But as deadly as it could possibly be… fuck, she would spend that same money on a real boyfriend anyways. But that boyfriend could cheat on her, or maybe if Shea foolishly dumps him he won’t take her back… but Heroin is none of that. The best boyfriend Shea’s ever had may kill her if she doesn’t figure out what to do. Oh shit, Shea’s boyfriend Heroin just brought his sexy friend Cocaine to hang out!
  • BETTY — based on Ch7-9 notes; Betty and Jorge gets married, and their marriage just gets better and better. And oh boy, Jorge smells really nice after a workout. Did I mention he’s loaded too? Seeing him close the deal to get Durochi phones sold in China… this man is a beast! But Betty, what about your plan? Remember when you were supposed to just hook up with him and dump him just to teach him a lesson that the Moose River High School Class of 1967 never forgives and never forgets? Yeah well, things are a little more complex now. And, it’ll get even more complex soon enough.

Pretty neat huh? Again, not all of them will take place during what I had planned for Ch7-9. But of the ones that will, it will cover what I had originally planned for those chapters. So if anything, you can maybe take the non-VR version of the comic, cut them up, and piece them together in order to form your own Chapters 7-9 (and thus Book 3). Pretty nifty, huh?

One other thing I MIGHT consider doing is not only cleaning up Moose Rivers Chapters 1-6, but I might even consider submitting them to ComiXology’s “Submit” program, thus finding a new audience for Moose River, and maybe draw attention to MRVR. Who knows?

Anyways, I’m promising waaaay too much already. Right now I’m just gonna stick with developing and planning for MRVR and sharing some sketches with you. Then we’ll see where things go from here. Sounds good? Anyways, welcome back to Moose River, and I hope you enjoy your continued stay! 🙂

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