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Revision Notes and Site Transfer

June 8th, 2012

One of the most important things I plan on doing in my revision of Moose River is updating each page of the story–either by redrawing the entire page or some of the frames or elements within the page–as well as adding new frames and pages to the story overall.

Case in point, in the last-most page of the story, I think that the last three frames can be spread out over six or so; as it is right now, it just seems like their conversation is just too compressed and takes away from the emotion. This will, of course, require me to add a new page to the story… and since the frames added is three and not six, I’ll need to add three more frames to the story in order fill the entire page.

This level of revision is also, coincidentally, a way to ensure that old readers won’t be off-put by me reposting pages they’ve already read. As in, each new set of pages means that something new will be added to the story they’re already familiar with, and thus ensuring they’re not reading something completely old.

So when do I plan on starting my revision of the story? Soon. I don’t have a set date, largely because I’m terrible at keeping my promises like that. All I can say–and all I know I can do–is that I AM working on the foundation of which everything new will be built upon. HOPEFULLY this means I can start work within the month, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t hold me to it!

Now also, part of the Moose River revision means that I’ll be setting it up so that it can be an appropriate site for my other comic projects. Moose River–as in the story I’m currently working on–won’t be the only story I plan on working on in the “Moose River” world. I have at least three “Moose River” tales that I want to work on, and I’m gonna need this site to share them on. So in that case, the new story revision will most likely come with a slight site redesign which leaves it open for those other tales to appear in their time.


Even though this current incarnation of Moose River will soon be old hat, I’m too much of a nostalgia nut to delete it all.

As such, when the new site is ready to go and my revisions are ready to go, this site–as it exists now–will be transfered to a new location for posterity. Of course, it may be a spoiler to those who are reading the revised Moose River story, but then again I think the additions and changes I make to the existing story should be enough that readers may also be losing out if they read the old version.

Anyways….. at least everything I’ve done, all the comments and well-wishes I’ve received won’t completely disappear from the internet…. it’ll just be moved aside to leave space open for the new stuff. 🙂

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