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Have you seen my memory card?

June 19th, 2008

All my Moose River notes are on a memory card I have for my phone, but I seem to have misplaced it. So until I find it, I can’t draw up any new pages. This is a real major bummer, but I’ll bet it’ll show up sooner or later.

EDIT 20080624: OK I still haven’t found my card, which is a real serious issue, and I’m having my doubts of ever seeing it again. The upside is that I found a backup of the card I made back in March, so not all is lost. But I still wrote a lot in the three months since the backup, specifically my entire Chapter Six notes as well as a bundle of rich dialogue I intended to throw into the mix in like Chapter Eight or something. Super duper.

So seeing as I’m not gonna be seeing my card again any time soon, I’m gonna start trying to remember what I was gonna write for the rest of Chapter Six and rewrite my chapter notes. Bugger. 🙁

EDIT 20080625: Super fucking duper! A friend of mine, Chris, stumbled up my card! As it turns out it was in the next town over at another friend’s house… but outside of the house and on the ground close by the beach. How in the hell it got outside like that is anyone’s guess, but I’m just so fucking happy that he found it (and of all people too)! …. Once the card is in my hand (and the contents of it backed up thrice), I’ll be able to start the ball rolling on new pages. Huzzah!! (^_^)

2 Responses to “Have you seen my memory card?”

  1. Ace sezzzzz:

    Did you check the fridge? weird stuff is allways turning up there…

  2. Tom sezzzzz:

    What, are you backing up the contents by hand? I need closure on this jope-smoking anecdote!

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