Note to self: consider switching frames four and five. Done!

5 Responses to “…yeah,”

  1. Tom Says:

    That’d work. Although the continuity re the pipe passing might be sketchy…

  2. alex Says:

    I would swap them, would flow much much better! DO IT :D

  3. Bree Says:

    I love the last frame. Especially since she still has all her hair :D

  4. mayor of moose river Says:

    ALEX: Thy will be done!

    TOM: Well the pipe-passing is why I considered flipping the frames. It goes from Anne (Red) then Shea (Blue) then between Anne and Shea (Purple). I might as well have it go Anne (Red), between Anne and Shea (Purple), then Shea (Blue). … Hopefully you get my color coding there…

    BREE: Yeah I really wanted to make her look really alone… as if this was a look inside her own mind. :cry:

  5. Tom Says:

    OK, maybe I was thinking 3&4, not 4&5…

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