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November 9th, 2007

Trick or

OK so I think the dust has settled and now I’ve got a schedule which allows for more comic making time. Unfortunately I’m way too sleepy to get this one done, so here’s your typical half-done message du jourl

EDIT (NOVEMBER 15): OK so I finally got the final comic up after it being halfway done for a week now. My creative energies have been nonexistant lately; I had to sort of force myself to finish this page. I hope I can get more pages more often… but if I hope in one hand and shit in the other, the hope hand does not fill up quicker. Maybe I should do a comic side project to help get grease my artistic gears up a bit…

5 Responses to “Trick or”

  1. Dark Namath Says:


    Can hardly read it MAKE IT BIGGER >_

  2. mayor of moose river Says:

    DARK NAMATH: The small comic is just a placeholder since I haven’t finished it yet. 🙂

  3. Jamie Says:

    theres only 30 days in june… might want to fix that?

  4. mayor of moose river Says:

    JAMIE: Actually I threw that in there just to make sure people are paying attention. 🙂

  5. Tom Says:

    OKwait. To keep the Halloween theme going, this looks hauntingly familiar.

    Guess I won’t have to start sending in unsolicited “The Adventures of Emo and his Loneliness-Fueled Hallucinations” comics after all…

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