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OK, here’s the deal. Enough people have complained about my poor and/or tiny handwriting. But I’m complaining about having to rewrite everything in Photoshop, which takes more time than I’d like to spend. So here’s a compromise; if you click on the comic (or click on the “enlarge this comic” link below each comic), you’ll be treated to a larger version of that comic. This way I don’t have to waste time rewriting things, and you’ll be able to read the comic better. Cool, huh? … Only yesterday’s and today’s comic are enlarged, it’ll be a while for me to go back through the archive to enlarge them…. but it’ll happen! :)

I mean, I will try to be conscious about my writing, because I really do intend for people to be able to read the comic without having to zoom in…. but I guess it’s there if you need it.

Anyways… that’s today’s comic. How about it?


Plippy (Nov 24, 2005, 18:37):
Right now I’ll take anything. ;) Besides, working out the math, I need two extra pages to fill up a 36 page mini comic, and between your guest comic and another from a friend of mine, that’ll do the trick. (Which means if you can get me like a print-worthy copy of your guest comic, that’s be HELLA awesome.)

Vlad Damien (Nov 24, 2005, 8:09):
Ah, lovely. The lowbie wants big killxx0rz for TEH XPxx0r of 1337!
Started drawing a guest comic… hope it’ll be up to par on what you want.
-Vlad D.

Plippy (Nov 23, 2005, 22:57):
I like how the word “fuck” is used three times in this comic.

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