Hi Mom.

Sorry, this comic was owed to you guys yesterday, but I caught a little cold bug at work and have been feeling under the weather. It didn’t help that most cough medicine has DXM in it, which fucked/fucks up my brain. I forgot about how much it does when I took some cough medicine Monday and Tuesday, but now I refuse to take it any more.

Fret not though, tomorrow’s comic will be up as normal. Tee hee!


Plippy (Sep 28, 2005, 14:39):
DUDE I just noticed I violated the 180 degree rule! … Eh, who cares? The Hollywood-style, and its rules, sucks.

David Louis (Sep 28, 2005, 14:10):
I’m looking forward to more depressing events in the tragedy that is life in the town known as Moose River. ΒΆ)

Anthony Treadwell (Sep 28, 2005, 8:39):
I’m the first one here woohoo moose river rocks!!!!!!!!!

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