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The Moose River Ice Cream Social

Hello, and welcome to the Moose River Ice Cream Social! This is the official hip spot in town where everyone can get together and talk about this super cool city that everyone is born into and can’t wait to leave once they graduate high school and anyone who still lives here is probably destined to be an incel or spinster (or, worse, an inspelster).

But I guess while you’re here, feel free to check out some of the cool Moose River social media links! I share different things at different times, or at least plan to, depending on the site and the things those sites to best. At the very least, if your main social media platform of choice is any one of these, please add me or friend me or whatever the appropriate verbage is, and be part of the Moose River community!

Anyways, here’s a breakdown of the various sites that make up the Ice Cream Social, as well as what my main goals are with using them.

instagram — This seems to be the most popular place to post pictures on, so I’ll be posting sketches and comic pages here in tandem with on the Moose River website. Because of the tools Instagram has—hashtagging being one of the best—I’m surprised how relatively easy it is for people to find my work. At least, WAY easier than it was back in 2004-2009!

YouTube — Because of the nature of virtual reality AND how many sites DON’T seem to have ways to post and share 360 picture (let alone in 3D), I’ll be using YouTube to be sharing a lot of my 3D-360 VR comics. I’ll also be using it to make videos relating to Moose River, like maybe streaming my artistic process, or doing live chats with fans, etc.

Facebook — since Facebook is another major platform for engagement, AND because it has the ability to post and share 360 pictures, using this is a no-brainer. So I’ll likely be posting my virtual reality comics there as well.

Twitter — between Facebook and Instagram, I find twitter to be a bit limiting. I can barely fit my thoughts in 280 characters (it was worse for me when it was 140!), but fortunately Instagram, Facebook, etc, can post on Twitter for me, so I’ll at least be able to keep it updated.

Patreon — this is where I’ll post pictures, pages, etc, to super-fans who are willing to support me financially. Those of you who can will earn my eternal gratitude. I’ll even give all my early supporters (including anyone from 2004!) special benefits as well. More details to come.

deviantART — incidentally, my deviantArt account is the ONLY site from the original “Ice Cream Social” from 2004-2009 which remains; all others have long since fallen offline or replaced by something else. While this is a low priority, I probably will still post pages and other works on deviantART, just to keep it alive.

And that’s that! The Moose River Ice Cream Social is free and open to anyone who is interested in being a part of this community. I look forward to seeing you there!


While I’m not worried about it right now at this stage, but things might reach a point where other people might want to start “Moose River” pages on other websites which I haven’t considered a presence at. But to make sure if something is official or not, basically if you don’t see it on this page or at the top of every other page, then it’s not official.

Furthermore, Moose River appearing on the following sites/platforms will likely be…

TVTropesOFFICIAL; this is probably the next thing I’ll be setting up, but I’m not exactly sure when. I always loved the idea of having a page on TVTropes, one that covers all the various tropes, jokes, ideas and—yes, even—clichés… and so now that Moose River is back in working order, there’s no better time than now to get it going!

8chan BoardOFFICIAL; this is another platform I’d like to see Moose River on, albeit was a way for people who enjoy *chan image board culture to shitpost about Moose River. Because I sure would love to do that as well.

DiscordOFFICIAL; the last element I am currently aiming for is to set up a Discord server for live chatting with fans and supporters. I’m still figuring out whether it should be Patreon supporters-only, or if it will be public (albeit via invites). I’m gonna seek advice on this.

redditUNOFFICIAL; I don’t plan on ever starting a Moose River subreddit, unless requested by popular demand. Reddit has never been my thing and I’d rather not deal with it unless it’s truly necessary.

Of course these are the sites/platforms I know of to plan for. Any other sites/platforms that aren’t listed here are most DEFINITELY unofficial. Hopefully that clarifies a few things!

Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

From the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of this page): thank you very much for reading my comics.

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All else are copyright of their respective owners. Used without permission. Dang.