I’m not dead! I’m just… Pining for the Fjords!

December 4th, 2010

I swear to you guys that I’m not dead. In fact, I wat to say that I love you ALL! Also, even if I’m not making new Moose River pagers, it’s still not dead to me… I chose “writing” as my career choice and “comics” as my means… I even did a presentation in my Creative Writing class using/about Moose River! I’ll post it online to prove that I still wanna do Moose River!

Actually, I also wanna spend a moment to tell you guys that I’m working on a new mini-comic, which maybe will help me get my juices flowing again for Moose River. It’s called ADVENTUREBATTLEMON! It’s gonna be a Pokémon parody/homage that I’ve been kicking around for some time now, inspired by Jeffrey Brown’s Transformer’s parody/homage “Incredible Change-Bots”.

I was inspired to write ADVENTUREBATTLEMON after poking around /vp/ on 4chan and getting a kick out of the Pokémon related comics there. So I figure I would just rip ‘em off, change “Pokémon” to “Adventurebattlemon” and I’ll be in Wincity! LULZ! But seriously, I won’t rip ‘em off, I’m capable of writing my own jokes… I think. We’ll see.

OK so the background to Adventurebattlemon (or stylized as Advéntürêbãttlēmøn) is… well, lesse. First off, back in the day during the time of my old Pokémon fansite (Pokémon Aaah), I created a new version of Pokémon called “Pokémon USA“. It was also helped into being by Mr. Terry Tibke and his brother Brian. Between the two of us we created 149 new Pokémon, characters, gyms, and whatnot… but apart from some story foundations and a simple DOS game made by my friend Jimmy Cannon, the idea went nowhere.

Fastforward to 2008 when I discovered Jeffrey Brown’s Transformers homage/parody, “Incredible Change-bots”, which inspired me to make my own parody/homage? But what do I love as much as Transformers that I can not only parodize, but is also part of my potential reader’s personal psyche? POKÉMON!! I then remembered that I had a whole world that I didn’t get to use, and with Terry’s blessings (and credit), Adventurbattlemon was born.

The story itself will be slightly tweaked from the original “Pokémon USA” idea… Like, oddly enough, I didn’t create Starter Pokémon for PUSA, it just started with some random Pokémon. So, I’ll need to fix that. I’ll also create new Poké–er… Adventurebattlemon that are based on specific Pokémon and related memes and jokes, like Slowpoke, Mudkip, Bidoof, Gardevoir, and so on. I might be able to use existing PUSA Pokémon for them (like I have a Bidoof-esque PUSA guy called “Grounder”), but for the most part I’ll just make new guys. The other guys that already exist will still be part of it. The story itself will cover the Pokémon franchise as a whole, so it’ll have jokes based on the general franchise, the anime, the video games, and everything else. Whee!

I’m first gonna make twenty to thirty-six page minicomic which’ll be an overall, general summary of the style of the main series, just as a sort of “pilot” for the main series later on… But I’ll just stick with the minicomic first and work on the main series much MUCH later (at least after I finish Moose River).

So…, once I start working on Adventurebattlemon, I’ll be sure to post them here. It may mot be Moose River (though the “Adventurebattlemon” franchise will be owned by Durochi Systems and be a nostalgia trip for Anne and Shea), but at least it’s something new.

See you in two years!!

New Updates!

May 14th, 2010

Blargh! Once you think you’re out of the game, the game pulls you back in! That’s what you get for playing Monopoly!

Anyways, so here’s a little update on my situation:

Fret not, I haven’t given up of Moose River, not by a long shot. This world I’ve created is far from being dead, as I’ve put too much effort into it to quit now.

However, real life beccons. But unlike last time, where problems got in the way, this time a solution is pushing its way into my priorities. Simply put, I’m gonna be graduating college at the end of this year. However, it wasn’t gonna happen if I didn’t dedicate my time and energy this semester into making sure I pass the classes I took this semester. Fortunately my hard work this semester has paid off and I’m pretty much on the way to graduating (at least, the light at the end of the tunnel hasn’t been turned off).

Once this semester is over, I’m gonna see about starting work on Moose River again. No promises though, because I also have an internship that I’m gonna have to tackle this summer… so we’ll see.

So there you have it… if I’m not making new pages of Moose River, there’s a DAMN good reason for it. Unless you don’t consider “graduating college” a good enough reason. :)

Chapter 7 Notes

November 21st, 2009

I’m not dead yet! Frankly a lot of shit has happened over the past 12 months, and every new little thing has forced me to revise my Chapter 7 plans yet again. Frankly if I started Chapter 7 immediately after Chapter 6, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it will ultimately be.

Of course when I actually start Chapter 7 (past what I’ve already got)… that’s for Allah to will.

In any case, here’s some bits about Chapter 7 I tossed together while waiting for my food at Denny’s. … I didn’t realize how much emphasis I put on hair in those notes.

Aw Shit, I Missed FanimeCon!… and Some Other Things

May 27th, 2009

Motherfucker! I thought FanimeCon was gonna be this upcoming weekend, but it turned out to be this last weekend! I totally missed it alltogether, and I lost the $40 I spent on a table! Fucknuts! … Well, I was kinda getting tired and burnt out of doing cons anyways, so I’m not too pissed off about it. Frankly I’m more pissed about losing that $40. I’m probably not gonna do any other cons this year anyways. MAYBE I’ll do APE, just because. And then there’s also the SF Zine Fest, which is a one day event more in line with what I make, so maybe I’ll do that too.


Last month I took a trip to the Isotope and bought a few new books:
Cecil and Jordan in New York, by Gabrielle Bell
Funny Misshapen Body, by Jeffrey Brown
The Color of Earth, by Dong Hwa Kim
Likewise, by Arlel Schrag
A Drifting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Good-Bye, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

While I was there I had a chat with the owner, James, about what I can do to increase interest in Moose River. He gave me a few good tips, which I plan on sharing with you as soon as I can find the list. :) There was a LOT of good tips and shit; one of his suggestions included creating minis for ALL chapters of Moose River… so that’s something I’m probably gonna do very soon.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I’m gonna skip out on conventions and shows all together until I can get my shit together again and implement the changes and suggestions James gave me.

And for those of you who say I never can take constructive criticism, I say FUCK YOU because all I do with Moose River is take constructive criticism! If you think I never take constructive criticism, you’re not looking hard enough, or you’re choosing to see what you want to see and ignoring the rest. Well FUCK YOU if you’re doing that, and OPEN your GODDAMN EYES, MOTHER FUCKER.

…[slight pause]… Yeah.

I’ve got a new side story I’m working on: Shea Marerra’s Heroin Diaries. Well, that’s just a temporary name, just because there are too many “Heroin Diaries” out there. The downtime involving new pages gives me the perfect opportunity to share what I’ve written in Shea’s heroin addiction saga, for whenever I DON’T post a new page, I’ll have some other writing to fall back on. Plus since it’s all writing (and it’s already written), it takes no effort to post. Here’s an example entry:

20061006 0637

part of me is kicking my ass for not bringing my jopes. another part of me is kicking my ass for smoking as much as i did. i dont remember at all of what i did to get to that point. i usually dont smoke that much. and yet another part of me is kicking my ass for taking out what cash that i did to buy jopes like i did.

i can tell that the effects of joping are short lived. i can feel some harshness of the post jope. and even though ill smoke some shit between work and school, im gonna end up killing it. the happiness i had today after meeting up with jane was totally short lived. and if i didnt have access to that coke of navy’s, i definitely would have killed my jopes. i hate having my happiness revolve around a drug like this.

oh but i love doing it so much!!


20061108 1820

jopes just hide my life and pains. i get to run away from them and not deal with them. but in not dealing with my life, problems build up.

when will i resolve my problems? i dunno. i never feel like doing them. im never in the mood.

i have fallen from my old position. i am not who i was before i started joping. well, in certain ways i am not. in other ways i still am. i got excellent grades in skool all whilst on jopes.

it’s a cycle i get myself into. i postpone things because i focus on acquiring jopes. i acquire jopes because i get depressed. i get depressed because i postpone shit.

There’s plenty more where this came from… you can watch her struggle, learn new things, and actually eventually take the steps on maybe even getting help!

I’m still in the middle of writing this, but it’s almost over. If anything I might throw this together into a minicomic, or as a part of Moose River book three (with chapters seven through nine) or maybe in the final, completed and collected Moose River graphic novel (chapters one through nine). I haven’t make up my mind quite yet…

Life, Don’t Talk To Me About Life; or, Don’t Panic!

May 21st, 2009

Two lines from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy seemed quite appropriate here.

I haven’t forgotten about this site, and this time it’s not a case of writer’s block. Life just keeps getting in the way. Between my shed and part of my house catching on FIRE and destroying between 75-95% of my personal effects (notes, drawing pads, etc.) collected over the last decade, finals week at school, car problems, less hours at work and getting in a fight with my brother…. working on Moose River just isn’t something that was highest on my priorities. I haven’t even approved your comments either, that’s how much I haven’t been around.

The upside is that I’ve gotten over the loss of my shed (the silver lining to that dark cloud is that after every devistating moment of my life–something of mine is stolen, computer deletion, idiotically breaking up with the only girl I ever loved–I do everything to prevent it from happening again, and it works), school is almost over, I’ll be working more, my car’s fixed, and I’m finally cool with my brother again… so things are looking up, at least enough to let me start working on Moose River again soon. The script for Chapter 7 has been completed a long time ago, it’s just that I’ve been so preoccupied with the aforementioned bullshit.

I need to become the ubermench I used to be. I must admit that I’ve slipped over the last few years, but it’s only a matter of time before I get back to the ubermench I used to be, maybe even stronger than I’ve ever been.

I think first off I need to do is take a break from conventions. I’m getting sick of doing them. One issue though is FanimeCon is coming up and I’m hardly prepared for it. I’m also not sure if I will be prepared for it in tme either. Hmmmm…

Beh, anyways, that’s where I am now.