Chapter 7 Notes

I’m not dead yet! Frankly a lot of shit has happened over the past 12 months, and every new little thing has forced me to revise my Chapter 7 plans yet again. Frankly if I started Chapter 7 immediately after Chapter 6, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it will ultimately be.

Of course when I actually start Chapter 7 (past what I’ve already got)… that’s for Allah to will.

In any case, here’s some bits about Chapter 7 I tossed together while waiting for my food at Denny’s. … I didn’t realize how much emphasis I put on hair in those notes.

8 Responses to “Chapter 7 Notes”

  1. Sam Says:

    Oh snap! an update!
    I’ve been checking bi-weekly since the last one.

    I knew my faith would be rewarded eventually.

  2. Max Says:

    looking forward to it.

  3. Tom Says:

    Holy piss! You’re not dead yet!

  4. Bree Says:

    Hey, are you coming back? I really miss your comic. <3

  5. Tom Says:

    Are you still Not Dead?

  6. Kyle Says:

    just finished the series thus far and all I can say is moar! :D heres to wishing you continue the series some day

  7. mayor of moose river Says:

    KYLE: I WANT to write MOAR! And I prolly will very soon too! (^_^)

    TOM: I’m still not dead, yes.

    BREE: Coming back? I haven’t left! :D

  8. Samuel Says:

    Oh man, i remember reading this comic every day it came out a few years back… I’ve loved all the work published on this site. It’s a real shame to see it hasn’t gotten updated sense the last time i checked. It’s almost like watching as you lose contact with a friend over the course of time.
    Oh well though, now that I’ve re-found Moose River i’ll be checking in every now and then… Just to see.

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