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Archive for May, 2008

Ahhh… but

May 30th, 2008

Why Do You Like Moose River?

Bjournal Post: May 25th, 2008

I’ve always had something of a hard time trying to sell Moose River at conventions. Largely because Moose River really isn’t something that I feel can be adequately advertised. I mean, I’m sure Billy Mayes (from those “As Seen On TV” commercials) could get people to buy Moose River… he can get anyone to buy […]

Whoops! Sorry for no updates!

Bjournal Post: May 24th, 2008

Actually since FanimeCon is going on right now, in combination with it being Finals Week for me, I’ve been spending all my time preparing for and/or actually doing those things. The last day of the con is Monday, so I should have a new page up by next Friday. For those of you living in […]


May 16th, 2008

A Request and A Rant

Bjournal Post: May 14th, 2008

REQUEST: OK so I took some time to update the Photoshop Actions involved in the creation of Moose River pages: making them a bit more efficient, fixing broken links, and so forth. One of the things I did was upped the halftone detail (from 53dpi to 115dpi) just to make edges look less jagged when […]

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